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Monday, August 21, 2017


I decided to create collage off some of my  Art series overtime.

They include colors and lines, faces,people,fashion illustrations and Events all in Abstract Art . 

Each collage is created from Art in a series in order to tell a story, with very vivid colors using Ink as the medium and recycled paper boards.

Art is for us to enjoy and explore new ways to tell our stories and experiences, the way we see it and our pure understanding of our environment and society.

As for me, I'm always inspired by Nature and Humanity expressed in Abstract Art.....Enjoy

                        Circles, lines and Colors'  Abstract Art by miabo enyadike
                              People' Abstract Art by miabo enyadike
                  Unknown Faces' Abstract Art by miabo enyadike
                               Nature' Abstract Art by miabo enyadike
                     Flowers in a Vase' Abstract Art by miabo enyadike
Fashion illustration by miabo enyadike

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