Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Craft will always be my first creative love, when my Art block comes I resort to making things, that calm my nerves or create things that inspire me and take my mind gently back to art.

Fashion Picture with old magazine cut out, with a paper cutter.
by miabo enyadike

           Flowers in a vase with old magazine cut out,with a paper cutter.
                                                   by miabo enyadike

                                          Colour wheel with magazine paper

                                      Bottles covered with old magazine paper

This time around I decided to work with Paper to create accessories and art that is appealing but inexpensive.

 That would serve as both decor items and handmade gifts.

                          Tablet and magazine case with old newspapers

Paper can be manipulated easily, it really does not pose any challenge  just cut and paste.

        Notepads with sticky note,cardboard paper,A4 white paper and rope for binding.

Wooden love  shapes covered with old magazine cut out,with a paper cutter.
by miabo enyadike

 I decided to drop by the craft store and pick up objects of interest I can apply my old magazine cut outs and other paper, that is inspiring to me in order to give these objects a new look and feel.

 I hope you are inspired, because I am.

Mannequin covered in old magazine paper.


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