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 To continue from my last blog the 
Clipboard weekend, I have now finished the abstract children paintings requested by my client.

 By the way, my client knows I'm blogging about it anyway, because I said I would since this is a strange brief. 

They sounded amused,welcomed the idea, at least they see the fun in it.

Untitled' Abstract Art by miabo enyadike

 Their instructions were, "paint our kids on A5 canvas and they should be abstract".

 That was a bit odd because I  know these kids very well, they are really beautiful and cute. Why would their faces be distorted?.

 Why the emphasis on making their faces abstract and  unrecognizable,  that was confusing and I thought, I was the abstract buff!. 

Untitled' Abstract Art by miabo enyadike

 Anyway I tried my best to create what they asked for, a little scared and concerned, but elated they liked them. 

I had them come over and they loved the paintings, and then they explained to me, that they just wanted to be different and wanted paintings of their kids, that would be relevant, in years to come.

Untitled' Abstract Art by miabo enyadike

 They said they wanted more of art, that would create conversation, than a picture they already have.

 Well I saw their point of view, did it make sense to me maybe, but all that mattered   to me, was at least I helped bring their vision to pass.

Untitled' Abstract Art by miabo enyadike

I equally learnt that being an artist, is one thing having creative Ideas, is another thing in itself. And that was what my clients had creativity!........... Enjoy.

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