Friday, February 26, 2016


'Worn' denim sculpture; abstract Art by miabo enyadike

               'Flowers' denim sculpture by miabo enyadike

Workmen Threads; abstract mixed media; Miabo Enyadike

I love to work with denim as a creative surface in Art and also craft. 

                 Worn; abstract mixed media; Miabo Enyadike

Used denim pants are my thing, the possibilities in terms of creativity is just awesome. 

              Untitled' mixed media art;miabo enyadike

First and foremost it is a soft version of canvas, so it is easy to absorb paint and you can create all sorts of textures on it.

           Flower bouquet' mixed media abstract art; by miabo enyadike

 It is easy to sculpt into a desired effect and it really lends itself,

                 'Unity in diversity'; mixed media art; miabo enyadike  

 to any creative process or possibilities, an artist is prepared to go with it and I love that!.

                       Untitled' mixed media art;miabo enyadike

 I'm never tired of working with used denim,  it already has structure by way of the cut,  stitching and design. 

             'Untitled';  abstract mixed media; miabo enyadike

So for me as an artist,who looks out for small art projects that involve, working with any surface out there, it is a wonderful dream come true.

                  'Unity in diversity'; mixed media art; miabo enyadike  

 I would not call it recycling, I would rather see my creativity with used denim pants as working with objects, to create Art that I love and enjoy.

                      'Migration' Abstract mixed media;Miabo Enyadike 

Along the way, hoping to stir an emotion if any, in the minds of other creatives,

       'Life of workmen' mixed media abstract art; miabo enyadike

as myself or inspire art lovers in general......Enjoy.

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