Thursday, November 19, 2015


I  decided to go on a journey, from Johannesburg to pretoria the other day,to an art store just by the train station,in Hatfield pretoria. 

       Photo by miabo enyadike 

I sure people down here are familiar, with that train station because it is close to the university residence.

   Photo by miabo enyadike 

 I take this trip sometimes,to while away time and get inspirations for art projects or just do some Art material shopping, and I'm never disappointed.

    Photo by miabo enyadike 

The train, stops at several stations, before finally stopping at hatfield in pretoria.

Alexandria Suburb;Photo by miabo enyadike 

This time around for me it was different. 

I saw quite a lot of interesting scenery, on the way to pretoria and I told myself, on my way back I'll take some photos with my smart phone. 

Alexandra suburb;Photo by miabo enyadike

And that I did! had a fantastic lunch, bought my art supplies and on my way back, in the train that was moving so fast, I took this photos it was an exciting experience ....Enjoy.


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