Saturday, December 09, 2017


           The Entanglement;Abstract Art;Rope plate

After a recent health scare, I was told by my physician,  to take it easy and reduce my workload. 

I was a bit confused, by my doctor's advice........ hello! what planet is he from.

The Entanglement;  Abstract Art; Rope  plate sculpture; 2015; Miabo Enyadike

I am a fine artist, we are the most laid back people on this planet, free spirited and without barriers. 
We are stuck, in a world we have created, for ourselves outside the existing one we all live in.

Some of us fine or visual artist, belong to era's long gone and live that way, in present times without a care in the world. 
The Entanglement;  Abstract Art; Rope   bowl 

I for one is stuck in the 1980's, I listen to 80's singer Evelyn king, 'love come down' and Kool and the Gangs,'get down on it' every day,  it's part of my daily routine, how cool is that! 

Having said all that, I knew my doctor, only meant well and just wanted me well rested and less stressed, before my next visit.

I knew deep down, that he was right because I'd become entangled, in too many activities and have not had a break, in a long while.

The Entanglement; Abstract Art; Rope bowl 

There is always something new to do,adding to my long list of work, and activities.
Sometimes I wonder, how in heaven's name, I created the time, for some of them that are so exhausting and unnecessary. 

The Entanglement; Abstract Art; Rope bowl 

I decided to turn this period of rest,to reflect on life and how we get ourselves entangled, in all sorts of activities.  

Good or bad, in anticipation of a result, that reflects the reason we got entangled in the first place.
                         Saatchi art/artmiabo

As an Artist, the only way I could answer for myself and take responsibility, to reduce my workload was to translate my rather hectic lifestyle, into art bowls.

Materials Needed:
Cotton Rope 
plastic bag to cover mold bowl
glue and brush
Spray Paint
Matt  Varnish
Simple Steps:

Cover bowl with Plastic bag as your mold

Holiday Gifts

Brush Pva Glue all over plastic covering

=Wrap Rope around bowl, gluing and wrapping continuously until satisfied with covering.
=Leave to dry for 24 hrs, after it is dry, then gently pull out bowl from underneath the plastic covering. 
=Remove plastic covering from the formed rope bowl, trim edges and prime with white acrylic paint. 
=Leave to dry for another 3 hrs then spray paint the colors you want after it is dry, then  varnish with Matt Acrylic.

I created these bowls, with ropes and plastic bags,with the intention of

The Entanglement;  Abstract Art; Rope  plate.
expressing my own interpretation, of how hectic and entangled my life and so many lives, out there have become and sometimes for what..........? Enjoy.

       Installed Entangled bowls' by miabo enyadike


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