Sunday, March 08, 2015



My home is my sanctuary, art gallery and art studio/family house so I live and breath Art. I want to live in constant inspiration and ideas, I love to wake up in that kind of space.

Natural light plays a huge part in my home, as light helps to project my Art giving my living room a gallery feel.

But come evening, I just want to relax with my family, cook dinner and enjoy the evening in calmness.

And that brings me to my Vintage Mannequin Stand I decided to turn into a night lampstand.

 I Love different light designs, for me, it completes an interior. Beautiful light fittings, say a lot about the design aesthetics of a room and creates, a certain type of drama and ambiance in that room.

 When I bought, a metal mannequin for my studio, a lampstand was the furthest thing in my mind.

 I used it solely to hang knitted bags, beads and clothes.

Early this year, I decided to embark on creating a reading space with only things I love. Then, it occurred to me I could turn the mannequin into a lamp stand. 

This inspiration, came from a show I had previously attended, that exhibited vintage stuff.

I could not source the right vintage fabric for my light project, so I decided to use old magazine pages, with vintage pictures and prints.

 The paper was cut out and glued to the metal surface of the mannequin and the light fitting was installed.

I placed it in my reading corner and the rest is history...ENJOY!


                  MIABO ENYADIKE

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