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When we see Circles, Cylinders, Torus(doughnut), Spheres, Squares, Rectangles and Triangles our minds immediately associate them with mathematics or sciences in general, but this is not so for the artist. 

The artist sees these, lines as creative tools, used to create art pieces.This could be in the form of paintings, sculpting, drawing, designing and architecture.

Untitled: 2014: Abstract Art by miabo enyadike.

These geometric shapes, truly work with the artist and also shape the entire creative process of the art work, without any formal calculations or mathematical formula's. Allow me to further explain, the use of geometric shapes in art.

Untitled: 2014: Abstract Art by miabo enyadike.

 For instance sketching a human face, neck and shoulder is simply to draw first, a sphere which represents the human  face, then proceed to draw a cylinder which represents the neck.

Circles of fire:2014:Abstract Art by miabo enyadike

 Then draw straight lines, shooting out  from both sides of the bottom of the cylinder as the shoulders, before getting down to the business of putting the entire facial expressions, light and shade in order.

Chickens on the run':2014: Abstract Art by miabo enyadike

It is that simple, the point I am making is simply the use of  lines, is a must when attempting any creative endeavor with a pen, pencil, chisel, brush,or even cutting paper for decoupage, lines are involved in the form of shapes.

 In my abstract expression of the use of lines, I pay homage to Bauhaus Style, in its simplicity yet using lines and shapes, in a way that is both commanding, intriguing and fascinating.

This Style is seen in design, art, architecture and lifestyle in general.


My interpretation is a bit different, though not a complete departure from the Bauhaus Style, that is still so relevant today especially in design architecture.

In this case, this is my opinion on how lines played a part in my   abstract expression, of  geometric lines and shapes be my guest and...... Enjoy.

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