Making necklaces, is one craft I love to indulge in and one that brings great reward to the creative person behind it  and the final recipient of the necklace.

It could be simple, elegant or a statement piece.

I love to make very simple yet elegant necklaces that are easy to wear,

that is light weight on the neck of the wearer, and could be worn with all most anything.

While I was making these pieces of necklaces, I listened repeatedly, to Frank Sinatra's classic song bangles, baubles, and beads,

and  I really enjoyed this classic song,

as I needed the picture the song painted, in order to keep my mind on this particular project, 

considering, that I am a fine artist that's what I do, and that is what I know.

Anyway big thanks to old blue eyes aka Frank Sinatra, his music made me more determined to complete this task

I had set myself up for and at last I made a lot of necklaces,

so I share with you some of the simple necklaces I made and love.






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