by - June 06, 2013

Old newspaper, laying around the house or piled up in the house is sometimes distressing, specially if it is turning into a nightmare.

Call me old fashioned, I love to feel in my hands, what I read and that experience of having a good cup of coffee, while reading my morning paper is yet to be replaced by the Internet.

I know once a week the paper recycling truck arrives to collect paper, but my natural hoarding instincts, refuses to let go!.

 In my mind,  I`m thinking, I can use this pile for something I mean something, really.... really good and I ask myself  WHAT and WHEN?.

Well that time finally came, I thought about creating a series of mixed media paintings,with newspaper,using acrylic paint, which happens to be my favourite paint medium and oil paint on board.

  I chose flowers as my subject, I may not be  a keen gardener, as I dread planting anything, I just love flowers and how they bloom and colour our lives.

 Now,when I see the paper recycling truck passing by my house, I smile and wave wondering what would have happened, if I had let go hmm......... enjoy my mixed media painting,  my impression of  the CHRYSANTHEMUM FLOWER SPECIE! ENJOY.  


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