Bottles, bottles, bottles, what can I say I love them! There is so much potential in these bottles, that one wonders if it would  ever be completely exploited.

Vintage Paris stamps sealed with mod podge

 Decorating bottles to me is an Art form, that, requires total patience and focus, in order to transform a once empty bottle worth nothing at all, to something beautiful with value attached to it, yes I mean good value of course!. I never get tired of  working and designing on empty bottles and jars, thank goodness I am not alone in this art form.

Vintage Paris stamp sealed with mod podge

 I could completely go blank working on a painting, holding my brush in front of a canvas and wondering what happened to my brilliant idea(artist block) or the same block could come up, when trying out interior decorating ideas for a client or even a design pitch, but not on crafting decor bottles.


For me it is a form of art that is not only therapeutic, but so much fun to create. It is an art form, that has been on for centuries passed on from culture to culture, used for all sorts of purpose and still going strong.

Decorated with tissue paper,modpodge,vintage print and spray paint.

the good thing now is, it all depends greatly, on  independent ideas and interpretations, as opposed to it been attached to a culture or tradition.

Decorated with paper and ribbons.

 Well crafted bottles, can be seen in upmarket stores,and are used as gifts, decor pieces, art pieces , for storage and are collected by people all over the world. One thing  that stands out, in all my years of this art form, is how it never stops to create curiosity, and amazement to people. I love 

Decorated with vintage lace and jute rope, painted two shades of pink.

Decorated with grey tissue paper and hessian fabric.

that look on the face of someone or people, coming to terms with the fact that this could be the bottle discarded last night! WOW! well there you go, what can I say, except enjoy with me these fab decor bottles I made with all my love from me to you.

Vintage Paris stamps on painted bottles sealed with modpodge



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