by - May 11, 2013

I love old wood, be it oak, mahogany, pine, ebony, any wood  that exist, that drives my insatiable need to collect wood from everywhere or anywhere I see them. 

In my case it really does not matter what state it is in, I just love it because there is always a use for them. Jogging back home one morning, I discovered a pile of wood probably used for skirting, kept outside a fenced compound that was been renovated.


 I immediately stopped in my tracks to take a better look at this fabulous find, you may not understand the excitement I felt, because to me, I had struck GOLD!.Miabo, not one to waste time, pressed the gate bell and waited patiently while my eyes were glued to this find.

Eventually response came, I was greeted nicely by a  lady who came to the gate. She answered warmly, that was a good sign! and all I needed. I made my interest known about the wood to her, and if I could have them for free of cause.  I was playing on that warmness and using it to my advantage.

I could see she was taken  aback at this
request, but to my utmost relief she graciously agreed to my request, she was still a bit confused and she asked why I wanted them I replied  coyly, I love to collect old used wood, Thank you! I said. Ran home quickly  got a ride, to pick them up.

 Anyway, to cut a long story short,I cleaned and sanded them,  went to see my carpenter and joiner, they where turned to picture frames for me.I framed some acrylic flower paintings, I had done previously in them, it looked good to me, I really love the old wood ENJOY!..

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