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Monday, October 16, 2017


I always ask myself, this question anytime I start collecting stuff.

 I collect newspapers and old clipboards to create Art.

  Art and Craft by Miabo Enyadike

What are you collecting? and Why are you collecting? because we don't need it or have the space, for it I always say to myself.


I collect bottles, jars and old vases for Art and craft purposes

Paper Crafts Supplies

I always overrule myself and just keep collecting anything, that fascinates me but with a purpose.

I collect shopping bags and turn them to art.

For it to be fun, there has to be a purpose and a vision, attached to a particular object or stuff that I collect.

I collect old mini mannequins and turn them around.

I love to collect every day Items, that are discarded or sold, in hospice or charity stores.

I collect discarded plywood and create art.

I am always excited to create Art and Craft from items I collect for the purposes of Art.

 I collect old shirts and create paintings on them.

I collect electric wire spool and re-purpose them to tables and bookshelves

So I don't randomly pick or collect stuff, 

I collect used paint buckets and re-purpose them, into storage seats and side stools.

Painting Supplies

There is a thought process period. It has to be useful, must have an awesome aesthetic
 appeal and value. 

 I collect fabric cutoffs and create Art and Craft with it.


At the end of it all, it is called Art or Craft and should inspire.....


I collect postcards and create lasting memories, of the things and places I love.

So what are you collecting and why?.........Enjoy.
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Sunday, October 15, 2017


When I buy shopping bags for groceries, I buy them for groceries simple.

 Lately they have been piling up and  I also don't remember to take them along to the stores.

 I always end up with new ones or opt for the  store plastics bags, any which way, you end up paying for either of them.

           Abstract mixed media Art;Tribal symbols; miabo enyadike

Cleaning out the pantry the other day, was well an eye opener, I discovered in a light bulb moment that it was not so bad to have all these shopping bags,because the texture could be used for craft or art of some sort!.

                  Abstract mixed media Art;Tribal symbols; miabo enyadike

That was fantastic, my thoughts  just went with my new desire, to apply art on all surfaces and experience, different textures and new ways of creating art.

                  Abstract mixed media Art;Tribal symbols; miabo enyadike

 I discovered they  could absorb paint and still retain, their texture and it didn't require a lot of priming of the surface.

               Abstract mixed media Art;Tribal symbols; miabo enyadike

Once I had that figure out, I decided to create Abstract mixed media art, using paper and small  cut out boards, with tribal art on them.

             Abstract mixed media Art;Tribal symbols; miabo enyadike

 I applied paint to the surface, of the bags and added all the other elements.

                       Abstract mixed media Art;Tribal symbols; miabo enyadike

 My aim simply is to reiterate the 
possibilities out there to create art, in our time as contemporary artist, regardless of our circumstances..........Enjoy.

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Friday, March 18, 2016



Waiting,is one duty that we hate, somehow  it puts us in our place sort of. This is one aspect of life that speaks for itself.

 In some cases it could be manipulated like in a high end restaurant. Regulars, the affluent and celebrities can deny you and I an opportunity of a reservation, even when we are there first.  Majority of other Issues in life we have to wait in line.

Art installation; Waiting your turn;
 By miabo enyadike.

To name a few,Migration, finding true love, childbirth, medical issues, creating a business, being a successful artist,  buying a custom Ferrari or any new designer product, requires waiting of some sort.

The inspiration behind this mini installation, is how my friend and I had to wait in line, for hours at the post office the other day.

Art installation; Waiting your turn;
 By miabo enyadike.

 We were in such a hurry and that was the only post office close by that we could renew our driver's licence, every other one would be a journey.

 Despite how busy we were, we knew driving  our cars after that day would be a police fine.  We just had to wait our turn and oh boy! did we wait.

Art installation; Waiting your turn;
 By miabo enyadike.

 As I tried to occupy my mind with "good thoughts" of the people in front of us and at the same time frustrated with the slowness of the attendants, that was when it occurred to me that waiting in line, is one of the most humbling and frustrating experiences.

This is one thing that we all have to go through in life regardless of our status, race or educational background in society.

 Life is full of waiting!.

Art installation; Waiting your turn;
 By miabo enyadike.

Some people, might disagree with this view that's okay. My point here is not all about physically waiting in line, it is about the good and bad things in life that make us wait. 

Art installation; Waiting your turn;
 By miabo enyadike.

Bottom line, we have to persevere, endure and wait sometimes.This could be physically, other times mentally and even spiritually, to get to where we desire to be. 

That's all I'm saying..........Enjoy.

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