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Monday, July 01, 2019


Art And Craft Camp For Kids!!!
29th July-2 August 2019
Registration ongoing... 

Are you looking for a place to engage your kids creatively during the long vacation school holidays in Port Harcourt?...

Miabo Enyadike, an International Fine Artist, Artprenuer, Art blogger, Interior decorator and founder of Artmiabo Art and design company who resides in Johannesburg, South Africa will be in Port Harcourt for 5 exciting days to work with your kids on building a creative awareness that is rewarding. Below is all the information you need.

Contact Wale Nwanodi-Wopara 08033428377 for Registration. Would love to see your kids in my creative camp... Artmiabo

Your kids will be well looked after and educated on the importance of creative talent and skills when applied to Education. 

We all know that Talent pays more in today's world.

 We only have to look across to designers, footballers, musicians, fine artist, and the inventor of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg who had a creative Talent to bring people together, he dropped out of Stanford University during his first year after he created Facebook, we all know how that has been life changing...the rest is history. 

Thinking out of the box is what propels a child. This Art camp will provide a creative ecosystem where kids will create a craft, learn how to prepare quick meals, engage in street photography and learn financial discipline.

 At the last day of the camp, they will sell what they have made all week and keep 50% of the money, opening accounts in their names.

There will be adequate security with enough volunteers to look after the kids.

 Parents can Hang out in our English Tea garden, where there will be lots of pastries and Tea at a minimal cost.

 Kids will be fed Snacks, healthy fruits, and hot meals every day and there will be a nurse to attend to kids that need medical attention.

Contact Wale Nwanodi-Wopara 08033428377 for Registration. Would love to see your kids in my creative camp... Artmiabo


I am an Abstract Artist and Interior Decorator, whose work is primarily
centered on nature, humanity, lifestyle, and events.
My artworks lay emphasis on color and abstract expressions.
 It is interpreted in a unique subjective visual impression, 
leaving no boundaries, except an idea of the subject matter.

  Brief Bio
Born 1971 July, in Portharcourt Nigeria, Miabo is an international fine artist and the founder of Artmiabo since 1992. 
Her artworks represent a rather unique perspective using materials available to her, to create modern contemporary Art that is relevant to our society's narrative.
A fine art graduate with a degree honors in Fine and Applied Arts Education from the University of Ibadan Nigeria since 1992.

Miabo also received recognition and a Ford Foundation art award from the Nigerian Institute of Art Terra-Kulture in 2006, for her contemporary Art style. Also in 2017, she was awarded the Exceptional Service award by Yaba College of Technology: School of Art, Printing, and Design for her free workshops that help Artists monetize their work online. 

Miabo is a member of Vansa (Visual Artist in South Africa), AVA gallery Capetown South Africa and St.Frajou Museum in France.

Miabo has been involved in several International solo and group art exhibitions with a strong online presence and has had several media interviews over the years.

 Miabo is regarded by Agilience an Authority Index in France as Top 100 Abstract expressionist Artist.
She is an Artpreneur, art blogger and a certified Interior decorator /Designer from the Inscape design School, South Africa, and her Artworks have been widely collected internationally and privately.

 Miabo currently lives in Johannesburg South Africa with her husband Emeka Enyadike and
three kids.

Monday, February 18, 2019



Art is truly in the eyes of the beholder, people tend to make a decision to buy your art after several views that is the way it works.  For some fewer views and they buy while for others several views before a collector purchase.

Abstract Flower Painting,Wall art by Miabo Enyadike
                   Abstract Flower Painting, Wall Art,  by Miabo Enyadike

The reason for these disparities are sometimes, name recognition could prompt a quick purchase or good presentation of your Art could be a factor.

 While on the other hand poor presentation, costing, need, and relevance could lead to delays. The issues here are relative, there is no quick magic to sell your Art, you just have to put it out there for people to see and decide for themselves.

 I have been fortunate to be in the Art business for over 20 years, so I have a bit of experience on how it goes, the disappointments and the highs work hand in hand with Artist and their Artworks, you just have to be dug in and reinvent yourself in order to remain relevant to your collectors and patrons.

So I have decided, to share the five go-to ways I use to self promote my Art and rein in the sales.

Have Your Social Media Accounts do the Talking for You

Yes, you read well, allow your social media accounts to do the talking for your Art. Create Art accounts that speak about your Artworks, post constantly and tell stories around your Art that are compelling and fun that will draw in the audience and turn them into them into collectors.

I have created my accounts and I post constantly on a daily basis about my Artworks because that is my content that I share to a targeted audience.

I totally share my Art, on my social media pages constantly these platforms create for me an audience that view and follow what I do.

Facebook Instagram


Blogger Pinterest

2.  Host Art Parties:
I love Art parties they are intimate and informal, it could be your birthday or you can create an event and let your guest know, that it is all about celebrating your new Artworks.

 Provide good food and drinks create an informal ambiance, that makes your artworks the center of discussion

3.  Show Friends and Family What  You Do:
This is displaying your art in a rather informal setting. Invite family and friends and explain to them what your artwork is all about.

 Art is word of mouth, they may not collect your work personally, but trust me they will talk about you and your artwork, and sometimes they help you spread it on social media and that can lead to sales.

4.   Create Workshops, Webinars, for Your Peers:
Everyone loves something that has meaning and impacts their lives. It could be workshops, webinars, and courses that help people.

As an Artist, it is a way for me
to self-promote my artworkIt is also all about helping other artists achieve the same success.

5.  Solo Exhibitions Via Collaborations:
Solo exhibitions are great but they entail a lot of money and most Artist cannot afford this. For me, I love solo exhibitions, that way my artwork gets all the attention and I can focus on selling to potential collectors. 

The collaboration in this context is asking friends or family members who have influence and are in certain circles that can pull in the right crowd, to be part sponsors and you share a decent percentage of your sales with them.

These five ways are my own tried and tested ways that yielded good Art sales for me. I know there are other creative ways out there but at least, I have shared mine. ......Enjoy.

 Miabo Enyadike

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Monday, December 17, 2018


Art gifts are always a pleasure to have because they require thoughtfulness on the part of the giver, who has an understanding of Art and the realization of the risk involved in giving an Art gift that is not understood or appreciated.

To give out Art gifts, one must be thoughtful, and must have great Art taste that is not only relatable but is also recognised, by family, friends and peers. Meaning people know and appreciate you taste for Art and they love to have some of that!

The season for gift giving is always around the corner, these Art gifts are seasoned,and classic they transcend trends, they are more style than fashionable and make great gifts to anyone who appreciates them.

 The gifts I have chosen to feature were created with Artworks I have made over the years, Ink paintings, Paintings, Illustrations, fonts, abstract art etc. that are now designs on products hence the name Artgifts.

Some of these Art gifts could be incorporated into homes as design details,we have stationeries that includes notepads and cards.

 Fashion and style which include clothes, trendy 
t-shirts, abstract printed tights. There are also lots of little home decorating products like canvas prints and throw pillows to add bold colors to living rooms. 

There are lots more to check out, you can click on the pictures for more information on each Art gift.

69.magnetic frame

110.Artistic Wedding Thank you Note Card
Artistic Wedding Thank you Note Card
by artmiabo


                                    Miabo Enyadike

Original Art for Sale