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Tuesday, November 20, 2018


 Art gifts and Interior design is what I do, as an artist who designs spaces, home decor accessories and gift items, my artwork and art style is reflected on everything I work on. Color is behind my inspiration,  I mean very undiluted vivid colors. 

Art gifts for him, for her, anniversaries and weddings by Miabo Enyadike

                     Art Gifts-Distorted Society, by Miabo Enyadike

These Art and interior design add ons, are inspirations for modern homes, art collectors, interior stylist and home-style, enthusiast. The collections add color to those plain white walls in our homes and offices. 
              Interior designs and home decorating accessories by Miabo Enyadike

                 Art gifts- Home decor by Miabo Enyadike

These days with all the home decor ideas and house details out there, color always makes the difference.

A colorful Art or throw pillow in a small space can change the entire look and feel of a space.

Art gifts for him, for her, anniversaries and weddings by Miabo Enyadike

Tulip, wall canvas art

 My Art has also been applied to gifts that can be shared, with friends, family, colleagues, loved ones.

I love the colour, I apply it generously to my Art and interior design with a deliberate intent to cheer people up.

Click on each Art and Interior design for more home decor idea....Enjoy.

Art gifts for him, for her, anniversaries and weddings by Miabo Enyadike
Art Gifts for Home decor by Miabo Enyadike 

Art for Interior, Lady Pouting her Lips, Ink on Paperboard, Abstract art expressionism by Miabo Enyadike
Art Gifts, lady Pouting her lips, by Miabo Enyadike

Interior design and homedecor pillows and accents, sold in by miabo enyadike
Art gifts for Home decor- Pillows by Artmiabo

Monday, August 27, 2018


                                    Artistic Home Decor and Accents 

My Inspiration, as an Artist and Designer, comes from nature and colors. I, create bold, colorful and cheerful art, from  events and colors of nature, that inspire me.

 I love to, mix and match these colors, to create original pieces of work, in art and design that is beautiful, to collect.
 I also hope, each piece of work I create, tells a story, inspires and brings joy, to my audience and collectors.
Home decorating, is something I'm very familiar with, as a certified interior decorator, my clients always request, for very Arty pieces in their homes, when I advise on their decor choice.
 And for me, that always opens up, another opportunity for me to extend my creativity, by giving each client, something unique that is original that they, can identify with.
 I, always take into consideration, the floor plan and how much risk, I'm willing to take and how much risk my client, is willing to accept. 
That way, it informs my judgement, on how far or less far, I can go with bold colors and abstract design, which is my strength. 
I, create home accents with my original Art, so my clients, know where the art and design, is coming from and the backstory, of each piece that is placed in their home. 
It is, always exciting when my client, is somehow involved in the selection, of decor accents. For me, the back and forth, is the challenge. 
The most, important thread, is satisfying the clients and their brief. One thing, I have found out, is everyone, loves an original anything and something that is authentic. My Art and designs, offers that.
The need, to be different and authentic, is why I do what I do.....Enjoy

                                                                 MIABO ENYADIKE

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Thursday, April 26, 2018



Shibori is a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique, which produces patterns on fabric, it is mostly created with dark blue dyes.

Shibori inspired throwpillow
Shibori inspired throwpillow
by artmiabo

Most shibori patterns I have seen are indigo blue and indigo is a color close to home.
Shibori Inspired Abstract Art Canvas Print
Shibori Inspired Abstract Art Canvas Print
by artmiabo

 In Nigeria West Africa, where I come from, indigo dyeing goes way back centuries and the technique used, is similar to the Japanese technique, except for the designs.

Shibori Inspired Tile
Shibori Inspired Tile
by artmiabo

 I created this shibori Artwork, digitally using one of my paintings as the base and playing with photo editing.

Shibori Inspired Tee
Shibori Inspired Tee
by artmiabo

 I love shibori craft because it is simple to make and clean to look at, the indigo color is a sophisticated statement color, and a few pops of it in our accessories is exciting........

Shibori Round Clock
Shibori Round Clock
by artmiabo

I have applied it on products, in my Zazzle store and they really look good. I hope you click and buy, there are also discounts from 15% and other lovely designs are available......ENJOY.

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                                      MIABO ENYADIKE

Wednesday, April 18, 2018



          AND ALL THINGS NICE.  

                          My Story 

Flowers always brings a silent message with it, as a present, a gift, a painting or even on a product and that message is very simple and subtle in nature yet loving, caring, comforting and classy.

 "I know the feeling, you know the feeling we all know the feeling, when we are in the presence of beautiful flowers".....Miabo Enyadike.

When I painted the the purple flower, I knew it would be nice on products, that people use often and are familiar with.

The calmness of the purple pansies I painted with Ink on paperboard, was a simple homage to spring time in Johannesburg, where I live.

I love the fact that this simple floral art of mine can be shared with everyone..

You can click on the pictures and buy these products.... Enjoy.

Floral Toothbrush and soap dispenser
Floral Toothbrush and soap dispenser
by artmiabo

 "I know the feeling, you know the feeling, we all know the feeling! when we are in the presence of beautiful flowers"....Miabo Enyadike. 

Lamp Shade
Lamp Shade
by artmiabo

When I painted the the purple flower, I knew it would be nice on products that people use often and are familiar with.

Women's crop Tshirt
Women's crop Tshirt
by artmiabo

The calmness of the purple pansies which I painted with Ink on paperboard, was a simple homage to spring time in Johannesburg, where I live.
Note cards
Note cards
by artmiabo

I love the fact that this simple floral art of mine can be shared with everyone........Enjoy.

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                                                 MIABO ENYADIKE

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


                   Woman' Abstract Art Ink on Paperboard. by miabo enyadike

Inspire is a feeling of something, that prompts action. I love and I look out for this quality in people and things around me.

People, Events, Books, Opinions, Art, Craft, Projects, Character, Achievement, Movements, etc, they just have to inspire me to be better and do more not just for myself but for others too.

What does this word mean? because of how it is used these days, let's take the meaning from oxford dictionary and I quote
1. It is a verb
2. To Fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

'Inspirations encourages people to turn their passions into actions'

This is so because what I needed after all the loss, I experienced as an Artist and Entrepreneur was Inspiration and there was none for a while, I was lost in myself, a successful entrepreneur and suddenly nothing. 

              Deep thoughts' Art on wet newspaper by miabo enyadike

I needed inspiration from a spiritual point as well as an Art point. This inspirational need to be better and to revive my creative process led me to Pinterest and other digital platforms, reading more and searching for answers. That was how I started blogging about my work.

This might sound weird, I had to blog about my Art to myself initially, like I was writing to an audience but in reality, that audience was an audience of one, me trying to inspire myself that it was okay to talk about what I did as an Artist. 

I needed to pull and put together what I had studied and read about successful Artist, in relation to there work and write inspirational stories to myself in a blogging way, in order to inspire and push me through the very hard come back days of 2013. 

And these blogs to myself were helpful and I still relate to them today and so do people.

                                  African'   Ink on Newspaper,  Art by Miabo Enyadike

I picked the pieces of what was left of my Art career then, by going to restaurants and asking for their empty wine bottles, that had been used because I could not Afford canvas or acrylic paint.

I could not afford art materials the situation, was really bad. With a very sick husband who was recovering, I had to do something or go crazy.

 The 'How to Blogs', on Pinterest helped a great deal and I am grateful, to all the bloggers that write these blogs selflessly. Friends, gave me remaining old tins of paint, they used for home renovations and all sorts. 

Those blogs helped and inspired me to create recycled Art, which fortunately was the buzz around that time and still is now.

                 Bottles and Old Jeans Sculpture by miabo enyadike

Till this day, I am grateful to those who went ahead and deposited old jeans, egg crates, newspapers and all, to help me start my new found 'hobby' of creating "Art out of nothing".

 There where blogs that I read that explained in details, how to sell these craft items in Craft markets. Even Crafts that would sell and how to price them. 

Those blog teachings and advice were extraordinary, the authors of these blogs were relentless in their enthused inspirational blogs, to offer help to me and others in need of advice and mentoring.

                  Flowers growing in a Pot' Ink on Paperboard by Miabo Enyadike.

I started taking my crafts to flea markets to sell. I also on my own, gave out as gifts some of the crafts I made just to encourage some kind of patronage. I had learned that to receive you had to give, and this helped.

 My craft gifts earned me a subtle word of mouth advertising among friends. 

For years, I worked in a quiet and reserved manner, picking up the pieces and working so hard on Art, as my Artworks piled at home, I needed a gallery space. 

I just could not afford one, after several rejections from gallery owners who could not define my art, or box me into what their galleries represented, I was left with Art that no one could see. I really had no idea how or where to show them in a more formal setting.

  Workmen threads: Abstract art, Jeans and rope by miabo enyadike

I remember those days when people asked what is your Art about, I would say its about "Art the Way I See it", what does it mean?.

 I even later in 2014, self-published two small books, that were actual blogs of mine written in 2013, at a time I was looking desperately for artistic representation.

'Workshop Art'

 'Art the Way I See It'.

These were very simple ways I felt, at that time to "Put my work out there", after the difficulty of getting art representation. I said to myself, do something somehow to document your art.

I found a way to paint, using Ink for pens with a brush on smooth paper board and acrylic on any surface I could paint on.

This expression style came out of necessity.
I started using Ink, on smooth cake box packaging paper boards, because it was affordable and easy to obtain. I did a lot of research on Ink and could see, that I could be creating an Art style for myself. 

These two books, where simply about my early experiences in this new Art projects of mine. Wrapped around stories, I explained my new found appreciation for Abstract Art, using Ink and acrylics as my medium.

Woman' Abstract Art Ink on Paperboard. by miabo enyadike

They were fast becoming a way for me to translate my Art vision on objects, paper and any surface or material that was available to me, because of the circumstances I had found myself in, both financially and otherwise. 

My garage which I turned into a studio, was like a Junkyard, that was because I picked everything I found, that looked like it could be Art. 

I made a conscious effort, to create Art or craft out of them because I viewed these items, I picked for free as gifts.
I practically and deliberately took long walks, hoping to find what I called  'God's gift to me for Art', meaning anything, that looked to me like a potential material to create Art, disposed of on the trail that I walked most mornings.

For me, the mental calculation was I could make money out of this if I tweaked it here and there and it cost me nothing to acquire it.

 And I did pick quite a lot, items ranged from Wood, Old Doors, Glass, Pine cones, Magazines, wet newspapers, bottles, you name it, I picked and created Fabulous Art with them.

        Portrait of a girl' Ink on Wet and Crumbled paper by miabo enyadike

Then came 2013 and I knew it was time, to start talking about what I was doing, after all the research and encouragement from friends.

 With help from my now healthy husband, I created Artmiabo pages, on different social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest,

Twitter, just to name a few and started showing my work to an unknown or unseen audience out there, I wasn't sure if they would like or enjoy what I did.

 Armed with so much Craft and Art I had been working on quietly for a few years, with whatever I could lay my hands on, I would wake up every morning armed with a new Art and would share it to my social media platforms in fear.

 Fear of the unknown and at the same time in anticipation of comments. And from time to time, blog about Art or craft I made. 

 Each blog was telling a story about the Art created by me because I knew the blogs were more intended to inspire me and hopefully others too......


Also, it made me focus on my work more, and how I could draw attention to my 
"Peculiar Art", as I recalled someone had called it.

 It only made me more determined and I created a name for my "Peculiar Art"  which is ARTMIABO meaning Art created by Miabo Enyadike.

And I went on, to create pages on social media and represent myself and Art style, on so many digital platforms, in order to introduce myself to the world and sell my Art through social media.  

 It opened me to possibilities because it dawned on me that for me to succeed in this field, I had to be my own publicist, artist, gallery representative, strategist, blogger, and instigator, of how I needed my work seen and positioned and to whom.

 The effort of deep and continuous research introduced me, to a huge and helpful community of Artist, doing exactly the same things, sharing the same constraints but forging on with putting their Art out there relentlessly. 

                       Colors in a Rectangle' Ink on Paperboard by Miabo Enyadike.

And they as I was applying their new found knowledge of navigating social platforms to their creativity, in different stages of their craft. 

It made me realize, that there was more out there and It was possible and eventually my efforts paid off.

 Gradually feed backs, started coming in, invitations to 'blog as a guest blogger',

 Podcast etc, Exhibition invitations
Online stores, just to name a few and the rest is history. 

So this year I decided to create a board on Pinterest, 'Self Help Blogs', and you can click here on my Pinterest platform. These are blogs that I have read and learned a lot, from and see them as valuable anchor points, I recommend them.

So I have pinned them, in order to inspire us all, to hope in ourselves and improve our collective efforts to better ourselves or people around us.

For the Artists, who may be going through a brief period of setbacks, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, trust me on that and keep walking, it is a hard and narrow path but you'll get there. Happy 2019 Let's Inspire each other.


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