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Thursday, February 21, 2019



Wall Art and craft projects on plates are rare for me, it is not that I don't enjoy creating plate projects, they are just far and in-between other Art things I'm doing.

 Having said that, I love mod podge projects on plates, I see these plate surfaces as a ceramic canvas. 

And this simple Art project is about Paris and my memories of all things vintage.

 I decided to create decoupage on this subject, using old porcelain plates, mod podge and free printables from Pinterest.

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I set out to the flea market, with one purpose, it was different this time. I was in the lookout, for vintage crockeries plain and simple.

Something I could use to re-purpose with mod podge and some free vintage printables I had just obtained.

The plate hunting turned out great, and I decided a rather dusty, vintage very very worn out look, would suit my project.

I chose Paris, as my underlining subject, in both a subtle and bold way to create a vintage Paris travel adventure.

 One I know, I had undertaken myself visiting markets, old Chateaus, Art galleries, and street markets.....

 I simply told a story about my impression of all the historic places I visited with the help of free printables and mod podge......ENJOY.

Abstract Modern Paintings, Wall Art,  For Sale by Miabo Enyadike
                         Miabo Enyadike

Wednesday, August 01, 2018


Simple home crafts, are crafts that you make in your spare time, to beautify your home or sell. 

Create heart-shaped decor, with broken colored glass, glue, thick paper boards,
grout for filling the empty spaces and decorate with ribbon.

 The Idea behind home craft is inspired by our desire to create something, that is close to our hearts and we want to see it, around us in its real form.

 So we simply create our inspirations and if it turns out well, it can even be a money spinner by the side, while we keep our day's job.

 Rope empty bottles and add details,like wooden letters words, to enhance the decor on  the bottles.

Create children collage with a storybook theme, use puzzle cutouts and color these pieces, stick them on wood and you have a kiddies picture.

I enjoy creating stuff and also selling them in craft markets, whenever I can. Crafts takes quite some time to make, so I can only craft items during my Artist block moments, because making hand crafted products tend to help me relax,

                    Create Jewelry with wooden beads, ropes, and ribbons.

 and bring back my focus to Art and I love that.

As an Applied Artist, making craft also gives me ideas, on mixed media Art and how best to extend my creativity.

Rope empty bottles and add details,like ribbons, borders,to enhance the decor on the bottles.

Create a textured collage with paper, fabric, 
mat and frame it.

 I don't always craft for fun, this is a serious aspect of my creative endeavor, I sell my craft and do take it seriously. 

A lot of us are gifted and are looking to create extra income, crafts can provide that opportunity and you can sell to friends, colleagues and even family, by letting them know, about your craft products and its relevance to their lifestyle.

Crochet with thick cotton rope to make chunky storage basket.

 Also, you can look out for outlets, that can sell on a commission for you or create a craft event, in your home where you invite people over for light snacks and sell your craft to them. 

Cover empty Jars with Sisal rope, paint and decorate with spray paint.

Handmade Ideas Journals, with embossed paper,rope, post it, stamps and plain white sheets.

Attending weekend craft markets also is important because it helps to advertise your craft to a larger audience and you can earn more money, while still keeping your day job.

Plain glass vase, covered with white canvas and painted on with acrylic paint.

Crochet with thick cotton rope to make chunky storage basket.

These crafts I made, are from objects and materials I see potential in and enjoy working with, they are objects we find at home or in hardware stores. 

I create with what is at my disposal, it gives me satisfaction that bottles, 
broken glass, ropes, wood letters, paper and other finds can be put to use in a creative way that can also be monetized!. 

 Rope empty bottle and add details, like wooden letters words, to enhance the decor on the bottle.

These are some of the crafts I make and sell, I also hope this can inspire you, into getting your creative juices up! to make something, that is not only beautiful but rewarding too.....Enjoy

                                                                           Miabo Enyadike

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


It is no secret, to close friends and family that I love to collect their lace fabrics, to use for Art and craft.

 I am a fine and applied Artist, who is so in love with applying objects and fabric to my Art and craft and
lace, I use for it's texture and delicate look and feel.


Lately lace, has come into play in my Art and I love that but this blog, is about shabby chic which we know is a lacy affair. 

I created these lace flower hangings, with plastic embroidery loops, that can be hung in a home with shabby chic interiors and accessories. 

Black and Red lace may not be the favorite color of lace for shabby chic decor, I beg to differ because I see color and would love, to bend the rules to add a splash of color here and there to an all white, cream and beige, accessories in a shabby chic theme.

I'm still working on this project will keep you posted when I finish.

"Lace is always a soft add to an intimate decor and speaks for itself, that has been my attraction and the prompt for this decor".....Enjoy.

                                                                      Miabo Enyadike

Monday, June 11, 2018


Whenever I travel back to my home country Nigeria, it is always a fabulous experience! I connect with family,childhood friends, delicious home food and most of all the diverse indigenous Art and Craft spread across different cultures that make up Nigeria. 

Vintage Decor Basket

I am always pleasantly surprised by the local craft industry and their effort and consistency in keeping their craft authentic and deep in culture. 

My last trip to Nigeria was a bit different, I was in a Solo Art Exhibition with little  or no time for any rampaging through the Art and Craft Markets.

Vintage Decor Basket

 It was a bit difficult for me to move around, since I had to be at the exhibition venue all day, to attend to guest. Though, I still made out time for a quick trip, to the Lagos, Lekki Art Market and bought some locally handmade baskets. That are plain and simple!

Plain Grass woven basket.

These baskets come in all shapes and sizes and are made from dry tall grass. The medium sized ones, I just loved.

                                             Vintage Decor Basket

 Fast forward, brought them back to Johannesburg and the idea for me, was to create Decorative Hospitality baskets,with a Vintage look for my guest who visit and stay over in my house.

Vintage Decor Basket

I could also use them, as toiletries hamper baskets or storage for stuff in the bathroom. 

It was something, I have always wanted to work on for a long time.

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To create these Vintage decor baskets, you need:

-Metallic Paint, to transform the plain look of the basket.
-Beaded Ribbons for design and vintage look.
- Fabric Flowers, to finish the vintage look I was going for. 

                                         Vintage Decor Basket

The simplicity of the baskets, lends itself to so many possibilities and this is one of them, a hospitality
basket I would call it and use for anything.

                                         Vintage Decor Basket

Vintage Decor Basket

There you have it Vintage Decor Baskets for bathrooms.......have fun transforming any plain basket.....Enjoy.

                                                       MIABO ENYADIKE

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Thursday, April 13, 2017


Crocheting, is back in all forms and people are taking it to new levels.

                                Crochet Rope Baskets by miabo enyadike

 The need for unique Art or handcrafted objects for decor, can not be understated, as it is so sort after right now. 

                                 Crochet Rope Baskets by miabo enyadike

Rope is increasingly, used in interior decorating either as macrame, or for other desirable objects.

                         Crochet Rope Baskets by miabo enyadike

 I am a huge fan, of handmade items and accessories. I look out for the human touch,  the craft and time invested in a piece.

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Crochet bag by miabo enyadike

Also the fact that no two, can be the same. 

                              Crochet floor pillows by miabo enyadike

These baskets and floor pillows, where made that way, they where designed to be used as decor accessories, that are statement and stand alone pieces. 

Order crochet baskets 14-28 days,plus delivery.Send your order to email to this email.

                                    Crochet Rope Baskets by miabo enyadike

They are washable and versatile. They are made, with 100% organic cotton rope.

                              Crochet Rope Basket by miabo enyadike

 These ones where made for my home, and I love them because they are unique in the true sense.........Enjoy.

                                 Crochet Rope Baskets by miabo enyadike

Order crochet baskets 14-28 days,plus delivery.Send your order to email to this email.

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Friday, June 05, 2015



Jewelry making is a craft I enjoy and it helps me financially too. Bead making can also serve a revenue stream and a small business that can grow into something big.

I enjoy jewelry making because it allows me to be more creative and daring.
The cool thing about making jewelry, is there are no rules,

 any cool object or material could be used and that's fabulous. 

Most of the jewelry, I make are beads and I make them, for the purpose of Art not really to be worn. 

I enjoy mounting them, on mannequins as display and sell them as art. These beads are acrylic beads and I decided to design them as a collection.

So I share with you some of them, exhibited in a craft show...Enjoy!

                         MIABO ENYADIKE