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Monday, March 25, 2019


Fashion T-shirts by Artmiabo are designed by Miabo Enyadike, with paintings that have been created. The inspiration behind the Art is freedom of expression and the acknowledgment of the power of creativity which is spoken in different ways and mediums.

Click these Tshirts and Buy in my #zazzlemade #artmiabo store.

  Enjoy and Thanks

                              Miabo Enyadike



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Monday, December 17, 2018


Art gifts are always a pleasure to have because they require thoughtfulness on the part of the giver, who has an understanding of Art and the realization of the risk involved in giving an Art gift that is not understood or appreciated.

To give out Art gifts, one must be thoughtful, and must have great Art taste that is not only relatable but is also recognised, by family, friends and peers. Meaning people know and appreciate you taste for Art and they love to have some of that!

The season for gift giving is always around the corner, these Art gifts are seasoned,and classic they transcend trends, they are more style than fashionable and make great gifts to anyone who appreciates them.

 The gifts I have chosen to feature were created with Artworks I have made over the years, Ink paintings, Paintings, Illustrations, fonts, abstract art etc. that are now designs on products hence the name Artgifts.

Some of these Art gifts could be incorporated into homes as design details,we have stationeries that includes notepads and cards.

 Fashion and style which include clothes, trendy 
t-shirts, abstract printed tights. There are also lots of little home decorating products like canvas prints and throw pillows to add bold colors to living rooms. 

There are lots more to check out, you can click on the pictures for more information on each Art gift.

69.magnetic frame

110.Artistic Wedding Thank you Note Card
Artistic Wedding Thank you Note Card
by artmiabo


                                    Miabo Enyadike

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