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Thursday, January 10, 2019


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15 Abstract art clock gifts


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These Art gift clocks are designed, with Abstract Art paintings by Miabo Enyadike an international fine Artist. They are unique in appearance because of the distinctive Ink painting style, of the Artist. 

square clock

They are, vibrant in color and are classic decoration pieces that outlast trends because they are actual paintings made by the artist. These clocks are designed, to be gifts and style pieces that enhance a room or space giving it an Arty feel. 

They are, made with acrylic and come in two shapes, round, and square. Right now,


 at my Artmiabo Zazzle Store while sales last. Add a new look to your home style and gift ideas.  

pink square clock

square large clock

 They are featured in two sizes, this wall clock is vibrantly printed with AcryliPrint®HD process to ensure the highest quality display of any content. Order this custom round wall clock for your walls or give to friends and family as a gift for a timeless treasure.
  • 2 sizes: 8" diameter (medium) or 10.75" diameter (large)
  • Material: Grade-A acrylic
  • One AA battery required (not included)
  • Indoor use only, not recommended for outdoor use

red and blue round large clock

multi color square clock

blue sky and sun round large clock

back round large clock

geometric square large clock

green and blue  round large clock



Hibiscus Flower Large Clock

Miabo Enyadike

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Wednesday, August 01, 2018


Simple home crafts, are crafts that you make in your spare time, to beautify your home or sell. 

Create heart shaped decor, with broken colored glass, glue, thick paper boards,
grout for filling the empty spaces and decorate with ribbon.

 The Idea behind home craft, is inspired by our desire to create something, that is close to our hearts and we want to see it, around us in its real form.

 So we simply create our inspirations and if it turns out well,it can even be a money spinner by the side, while we keep our days job.

 Rope empty bottles and add details,like wooden letters words, to enhance the decor on  the bottles.

Create children collage with a storybook theme,use puzzle cut outs and color these pieces, stick them on wood and you have a kiddies picture.

I enjoy creating stuff and also selling them in craft markets, whenever I can. Crafts takes quite some time to make, so I can only craft items during my Artist block moments, because making hand crafted products tend to help me relax,

                    Create Jewelry with wooden beads, ropes and ribbons.

 and bring back my focus to Art and I love that.

As an Applied Artist, making craft also gives me ideas, on mixed media Art and how best to extend my creativity.

Rope empty bottles and add details,like ribbons, borders,to enhance the decor on the bottles.

Create a textured collage with paper, fabric, 
mat and frame it.

 I don't always craft for fun, this is a serious aspect of my creative endeavor, I sell my craft and do take it seriously. 

A lot of us are gifted and are looking to create extra income, craft can provide that opportunity and you can sell to friends, colleagues and even family, by letting them know, about your craft products and its relevance to their lifestyle.

Crochet with thick cotton rope to make chunky storage basket.

 Also you can look out for outlets, that can sell on a commission for you or create a craft event, in your home where you invite people over for light snacks and sell your craft to them. 

Cover empty Jars with Sisal rope, paint and decorate with spray paint.

Handmade Ideas Journals, with embossed paper,rope, post it, stamps and plain white sheets.

Attending weekend craft markets, also is important because it helps to advertise your craft to a larger audience and you can earn more money, while still keeping your day job.

Plain glass vase, covered with white canvas and painted on with acrylic paint.

Crochet with thick cotton rope to make chunky storage basket.

These crafts I made, are from objects and materials I see  potential in and enjoy working with, they are objects we find at home or in hardware stores. 

I create with what is at my disposal, it gives me satisfaction that bottles, 
broken glass, ropes, wood letters, paper and other finds can be put to use in a creative way that can also be monetized!. 

 Rope empty bottle and add details,like wooden letters words, to enhance the decor on the bottle.

These are some of the crafts I make and sell, I also hope this can inspire you, into getting your creative juices up! to make something, that is not only beautiful but rewarding too.....Enjoy

                                                                           Miabo Enyadike

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