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Wednesday, March 06, 2019


This March is the women's month and I have seen all sorts of support for Female Fine Artist by celebrities, and generally, people who support Art.

 I also reckoned that this month, I should find a female Fine Artist, around our community to recognize and collaborate with as one, of the many female Fine Artist that exist on our planet.

'Bluebell Woods' Painting by Caroline Van Rensburg

 This is especially because they inspire and still have much to offer in terms of their Art gifts and Skills, lifting up other Artists for me, is a no brainer as it helps the Art universe expand and elevates the Artist. 

There are so many simple ways to lift and collaborate with other Artists, with shared experience and knowledge the uttermost, that is why Caroline Frances Janse Van Rensburg, a South African Female Artist who has over 40 years, of experience is an inspiration to me and those around her.

                                   Caroline Van Frances Janse Rensburg

I met Caroline a few years ago through a mutual friend Joan Jones, and as  I spent time in her studio and watched the vibe and the general atmosphere, people drank wine, juice, ate biscuits and chatted happily while they talked about serious issues. You could see the friendly banter, that showed this Art class was different!.

 Everyone had a good Job, you could tell. I didn't ask, I heard from their conversations about work but the fact that they would rather come to an Art class after work hours, despite how stressful Johannesburg's hustle and bustle can be, seemed quite novel to me. 

Fast forward to now,  Caroline, who is in her 80's has added a new portfolio to these classes, Kids.


This got me thinking, that perhaps, most female Artists need this kind of inspiring experience and 
'Art multitasking'  because she is a Painter, Ceramist, Sculptor and a teacher Juggling all of these gifts cheerfully and getting by. 

How does she do that? I wondered!

I sat down with Caroline and we had this long chat, ate loads of biscuits, while I listened to how simple these things could take place.

It all begins with you the Artist, being willing to Share.

Her Simple Career Steps:

1. Create Art that is Classic and Relevant!

Flower designs by  Caroline Van RensburgCreate Art that can be used to support your Art career, that is classic, universal, appealing and not restrictive to your culture or race but is both commercial and collectible.                                                                          
                                                     Flower Illustration by Caroline Van Rensburg

Designs by Caroline Van RensburgDesigns by Caroline Van Rensburg

Home decor and Fashion designed with Carolines Floral Art

 I saw that with a flower illustration, she made some 30 yrs back.  I could immediately glean the commercial potential in this classic vintage flower illustration. 

Vintage is back and for today's market, it was lovely to see this Art in its longevity. So, I decided to test it for myself, the results were marvelous! and fantastic. 

2. Hard work Never hurts Any Artist!
She has worked hard all these years, creating an extensive portfolio and even now she is still creating Art, selling Art and working on commissions, attending art gatherings to support her career at Age 80+ years.

Painting by Caroline Van RensburgPainting by Caroline Van RensburgPainting by Caroline Van Rensburg

Painting by Caroline Van RensburgPainting by Caroline Van Rensburg

 Cat Painting by Caroline Van Rensburg
My Favourite Paintings from Carolines vast Portfolio

3. Create Additional Income!
This is a must need, for Artist out there. Caroline has devoted her time for the last 10+ years to run Art and Ceramic classes for Adults and now she has added kids.

       A kid in Caroline's Art Class, showing off her Art

 As an Artist, who loves to learn and experience new things, I could see this as another simple way to support your Art career, that has huge potentials and it can be done.

4. Create an Informal Art Community
I understood from chatting with Caroline that we as artists, can form informal but productive communities that help each other. 
                                                            Caroline's Art community

You can create a beautiful ambiance, for people to gather and learn from you, provide light meals in the cause of learning and charge a fair amount, watch and listen to people talk about issues that affect all of us, while you teach them, Art.


Caroline's Art Class/Studio

 Then, knowing in your heart that creating this space and community of people, will definitely support your art career and your experience, knowledge, and inspiration will be passed on and lead more people into your life!


These are the simple steps, I learned from 
Caroline Frances Janse Van Rensburg, that I wish to share with you all.  It was a hearty chat and I learned a lot about being humble, focused and sincerely willing to share and experience life, outside oneself... I was the one lifted!


Book To attend Carolines Classes
@305 long Avenue, Ferndale Randburg
Johannesburg, South Africa.
Call:+27 83 325 3734.

Original Abstract Paintings for Sale by Miabo Enyadike

Monday, February 18, 2019



Art is truly in the eyes of the beholder, people tend to make a decision to buy your art after several views that is the way it works.  For some fewer views and they buy while for others several views before a collector purchase.

Abstract Flower Painting,Wall art by Miabo Enyadike
                   Abstract Flower Painting, Wall Art,  by Miabo Enyadike

The reason for these disparities are sometimes, name recognition could prompt a quick purchase or good presentation of your Art could be a factor.

 While on the other hand poor presentation, costing, need, and relevance could lead to delays. The issues here are relative, there is no quick magic to sell your Art, you just have to put it out there for people to see and decide for themselves.

 I have been fortunate to be in the Art business for over 20 years, so I have a bit of experience on how it goes, the disappointments and the highs work hand in hand with Artist and their Artworks, you just have to be dug in and reinvent yourself in order to remain relevant to your collectors and patrons.

So I have decided, to share the five go-to ways I use to self promote my Art and rein in the sales.

Have Your Social Media Accounts do the Talking for You

Yes, you read well, allow your social media accounts to do the talking for your Art. Create Art accounts that speak about your Artworks, post constantly and tell stories around your Art that are compelling and fun that will draw in the audience and turn them into them into collectors.

I have created my accounts and I post constantly on a daily basis about my Artworks because that is my content that I share to a targeted audience.

I totally share my Art, on my social media pages constantly these platforms create for me an audience that view and follow what I do.

Facebook Instagram


Blogger Pinterest

2.  Host Art Parties:
I love Art parties they are intimate and informal, it could be your birthday or you can create an event and let your guest know, that it is all about celebrating your new Artworks.

 Provide good food and drinks create an informal ambiance, that makes your artworks the center of discussion

3.  Show Friends and Family What  You Do:
This is displaying your art in a rather informal setting. Invite family and friends and explain to them what your artwork is all about.

 Art is word of mouth, they may not collect your work personally, but trust me they will talk about you and your artwork, and sometimes they help you spread it on social media and that can lead to sales.

4.   Create Workshops, Webinars, for Your Peers:
Everyone loves something that has meaning and impacts their lives. It could be workshops, webinars, and courses that help people.

As an Artist, it is a way for me
to self-promote my artworkIt is also all about helping other artists achieve the same success.

5.  Solo Exhibitions Via Collaborations:
Solo exhibitions are great but they entail a lot of money and most Artist cannot afford this. For me, I love solo exhibitions, that way my artwork gets all the attention and I can focus on selling to potential collectors. 

The collaboration in this context is asking friends or family members who have influence and are in certain circles that can pull in the right crowd, to be part sponsors and you share a decent percentage of your sales with them.

These five ways are my own tried and tested ways that yielded good Art sales for me. I know there are other creative ways out there but at least, I have shared mine. ......Enjoy.

 Miabo Enyadike

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018


 Art gifts and Interior design is what I do, as an artist who designs spaces, home decor accessories and gift items, my artwork and art style is reflected on everything I work on. Color is behind my inspiration,  I mean very undiluted vivid colors. 

Art gifts for him, for her, anniversaries and weddings by Miabo Enyadike

                     Art Gifts-Distorted Society, by Miabo Enyadike

These Art and interior design add ons, are inspirations for modern homes, art collectors, interior stylist and home-style, enthusiast. The collections add color to those plain white walls in our homes and offices. 
              Interior designs and home decorating accessories by Miabo Enyadike

                 Art gifts- Home decor by Miabo Enyadike

These days with all the home decor ideas and house details out there, color always makes the difference.

A colorful Art or throw pillow in a small space can change the entire look and feel of a space.

Art gifts for him, for her, anniversaries and weddings by Miabo Enyadike

Tulip, wall canvas art

 My Art has also been applied to gifts that can be shared, with friends, family, colleagues, loved ones.

I love the colour, I apply it generously to my Art and interior design with a deliberate intent to cheer people up.

Click on each Art and Interior design for more home decor idea....Enjoy.

Art gifts for him, for her, anniversaries and weddings by Miabo Enyadike
Art Gifts for Home decor by Miabo Enyadike 

Art for Interior, Lady Pouting her Lips, Ink on Paperboard, Abstract art expressionism by Miabo Enyadike
Art Gifts, lady Pouting her lips, by Miabo Enyadike

Interior design and homedecor pillows and accents, sold in by miabo enyadike
Art gifts for Home decor- Pillows by Artmiabo

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Art silhouette, is described as an outline or dark shape of someone, or something visible in poor light against a brighter background.

 My Art silhouettes are the opposite, they are bright, colorful, vivid and animated and I love that.

Art shadows and silhouettes, Abstract art paintings, ink on paperboard by miabo enyadike

Ink, is a medium that I use often for my Art. I love the way it interprets, my thoughts and elevates my creativity. 
Orange Silhouette of a lady, abstract art, ink on paperboard
                                       Orange silhouette of a Lady, 2015, Miabo Enyadike

I artwork, with colors and I like to express my Art, most times in  colorful Silhouettes, that way it is up to my audience to do the interpretation.

Blue Silhouette of a lady, abstract art, ink on paperboard by miabo enyadike
                                           Blue Silhouette of a Lady, 2015, Miabo Enyadike

My ability, to simply define my narrative on any subject with Ink droplets, is what makes my Art different.

                                  for Sale! Click this Art
                                                          Buy Lady Pout, 2015, Miabo Enyadike

It is, a way for me to convey a message about issues, people, events, in an abstract way that involves the audience curiosity, because that is the whole essence  of this kind of art, in the first place.

Pink and Purple Silhouette of a lady, abstract art painting, ink on paperboard, by miabo enyadike
                                       Pink and Purple Silhouette of a Lady, 2015, Miabo Enyadike

I am a fine Artist and Interior Decorator, whose work is primarily centred on nature, humanity, lifestyle and events.
Yellow and Red Silhouette of a man, by miabo enyadike.
                                         Yellow and Red Silhouette of a Man, Miabo Enyadike

My artwork lays, emphasis on color and abstract expressions. It is interpreted, in a unique subjective visual impression, leaving no boundaries, except an idea of the subject matter.

Red and blue Silhouette of Jekyll and Hyde, Abstract art painting, ink on paperboard by miabo enyadike
Jekyll and Hyde, 2015, SOLD Miabo Enyadike

 Art has always been for me, the way I see it, in total Abstraction!

                                                             Lady, 2015, Miabo Enyadike