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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Art & Craft with Rope


Sometime last year, discovered a box of ropes in my favourite charity store and bought them.

Inside the box, there where wax cord ropes and cotton ropes, and the colours of these ropes, where my motivation to buy the entire box. 

I could see these soft pastel colours, on home decor items and that was my uppermost  inspiration.

I had to create items that pop.

The colours, are soft pastel colours and  they represent the trend colours, I felt really lucky to have found them and also for a good price too.

 It took me 3 months and some days, to finish all the bottles and vases, because these ropes are really thin and need to be handled with care.

  For me it was an experience, worth every minute of my time and a truly humbling one. 

They are all finished and I share some of my favourites with you..............Enjoy.

                                         Miabo Enyadike