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Saturday, February 16, 2019


The Ultimate Guide Course On How To Market Your Art Online.

The artist is one with a vivid imagination, a complex, yet beautiful and intense mind.


 Our ability to observe and translate events, objects, humanity, lifestyle, and pain that we see around us, into a gift that is shared and received by all who see it and term it  'Creativity' is what oils our artistic wheels to keep moving.

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 Facilitator: Joan +27 083 703 8070
Johannesburg South Africa   

It encourages us, artist, to keep on creating and expanding our gift, to the delight of our Audience.
What comes in between this creativity, is how the artist suffers in the name of their craft.

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Facilitator: Joan +27 083 703 8070
Johannesburg South Africa

I know that because I have been there. It was difficult to get any gallery representation, for years I relied on friends heavily to buy my works because my Art style was misunderstood.
I basically create abstract Art with objects and my paintings are mostly Ink based on paperboards. It was really a financial burden to carry on working when no one around me was buying. So when the online selling platforms came on, I knew I had to get on board if I was to keep creating Art.


I joined the internet in 2013, opening my Art blog on blogger, I posted my first blog on bottles I had made and simply described how I made them and the views from people were staggering and the rest is history.

Today I sell via my blog and I have created a successful Art business, just by storytelling my Art, my own way without boundaries and reaping the full benefits of my hard work, as an independent unrepresented Artist.

artmiabo zazzle store

 I know the difficulty it entails to put this beauty, created by us called Artworks, out there best paintings, sculpture, graphics, fashion, pottery or ceramics, photography etc and be taken seriously by galleries, markets, dealers, collectors a huge, if not a herculean task to bear.

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 Facilitator: Joan +27 083 703 8070
Johannesburg South Africa

 That brings me to the issue, of the Internet and the artist. The Internet has created a platform for the artist that could be far-reaching than we artist anticipate.
 An artist can make a living by the side, regardless of brick and mortar or huge financial commitment, just by uploading and clicking.  Whilst waiting for the big break, we all dream about and desire.

The Internet at least is on the side of the artist, the reason I say so is from my own experience.

That is why I have created this six weeks course, here in Johannesburg for unrepresented Artist. So join me for this course and learn how to represent yourself and earn the money you deserve.

You will learn:

-  Week 1: Understanding Digital Space

-  Week 2: Crafting your Product name and Story 

-  Week 3: Creating your Brand Personality

-  Week 4:  Inbound Marketing

-  Week 5:  How to Sell Online

-  Week 6:  Physical Presentation of your Art

Book your place now call
 Facilitator: Joan +27 083 703 8070
Johannesburg South Africa

This course is made for you if:

  • You're  an artist looking to represent yourself 
  • You love creating artwork but can't sell them
  • You are looking for ways to monetize your art
  • You want to learn how to promote your art
  • You want in on the art business
  • You want to create solo or group art events to sell your work
  • You want to be invited to art exhibitions
  • You should create an online portfolio to that is a magnet for collectors
  • You want to create printables to earn big.

look forward to seeing you all.
Book your place now call
 Facilitator: Joan +27 083 703 8070
Johannesburg South Africa


Monday, December 10, 2018


                          Art illustration by Miabo Enyadike

Art has always being for me, the way I see it regardless of how a person, event, object or subject looks in reality. 

                        Art illustration by Miabo Enyadike

My impression of a subject, is simply how I see it from within me, leaving no boundaries except an idea of the subject matter.

                                   Art illustration by Miabo Enyadike

I create art with whatever medium, I am opportuned to possess when inspired. 

                                Art illustration by Miabo Enyadike

These faces are my artist impression of everyday people, myself included getting on with life, revealing more or less about life experiences in their expressions but unconsciously telling a story.


                                   Art illustration by Miabo Enyadike

A story about us, about our humanity, about our common life experiences, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion or allegiance. A story that in itself, is POETRY.......Enjoy.


Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Art silhouette, is described as an outline or dark shape of someone, or something visible in poor light against a brighter background.

 My Art silhouettes are the opposite, they are bright, colorful, vivid and animated and I love that.

Art shadows and silhouettes, Abstract art paintings, ink on paperboard by miabo enyadike

Ink, is a medium that I use often for my Art. I love the way it interprets, my thoughts and elevates my creativity. 
Orange Silhouette of a lady, abstract art, ink on paperboard
                                       Orange silhouette of a Lady, 2015, Miabo Enyadike

I artwork, with colors and I like to express my Art, most times in  colorful Silhouettes, that way it is up to my audience to do the interpretation.

Blue Silhouette of a lady, abstract art, ink on paperboard by miabo enyadike
                                           Blue Silhouette of a Lady, 2015, Miabo Enyadike

My ability, to simply define my narrative on any subject with Ink droplets, is what makes my Art different.

                                  for Sale! Click this Art
                                                          Buy Lady Pout, 2015, Miabo Enyadike

It is, a way for me to convey a message about issues, people, events, in an abstract way that involves the audience curiosity, because that is the whole essence  of this kind of art, in the first place.

Pink and Purple Silhouette of a lady, abstract art painting, ink on paperboard, by miabo enyadike
                                       Pink and Purple Silhouette of a Lady, 2015, Miabo Enyadike

I am a fine Artist and Interior Decorator, whose work is primarily centred on nature, humanity, lifestyle and events.
Yellow and Red Silhouette of a man, by miabo enyadike.
                                         Yellow and Red Silhouette of a Man, Miabo Enyadike

My artwork lays, emphasis on color and abstract expressions. It is interpreted, in a unique subjective visual impression, leaving no boundaries, except an idea of the subject matter.

Red and blue Silhouette of Jekyll and Hyde, Abstract art painting, ink on paperboard by miabo enyadike
Jekyll and Hyde, 2015, SOLD Miabo Enyadike

 Art has always been for me, the way I see it, in total Abstraction!

                                                             Lady, 2015, Miabo Enyadike


Friday, October 05, 2018


Art gifts are always welcome in events.They remind us of the event and show appreciation from the organisers. 

We all attend events, and these days there are always giveaways that come with events. Some giveaways or gifts makes sense, while some are just really not useful, to the guest of the events.

 One would suggest, that event planners should be aware of the guest attending an event and what gifts or giveaways are best suited, not only for the event but the guests also.

I have been to several events, so I know what it is like to wonder why certain Items, that have no relative relevance to the event, are given out to guest.

 My blog today, is a guide to artistic giveaways and gifts that are appealing and could be adapted to any event.

So these, are 20  event giveaway items that are artistic, appealing and adaptable to any event. They all designed with original art of Miabo Enyadike for Artmiabo a decor, gift and design company.


square magnet
square magnet
by artmiabo

This is a gift guide for events and event planners

                                             MIABO ENYADIKE