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Monday, March 25, 2019


Fashion T-shirts by Artmiabo are designed by Miabo Enyadike, with paintings that have been created. The inspiration behind the Art is freedom of expression and the acknowledgment of the power of creativity which is spoken in different ways and mediums.

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  Enjoy and Thanks

                              Miabo Enyadike



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Tuesday, February 12, 2019



Sometime last year, discovered a box of ropes in my favourite charity store and bought them.

Inside the box, there where wax cord ropes and cotton ropes, and the colours of these ropes, where my motivation to buy the entire box. 

I could see these soft pastel colours, on home decor items and that was my uppermost inspiration.

I had to create items that pop.

The colours, are soft pastel colours and they represent the trend colours, I felt really lucky to have found them and also for a good price too.

 It took me 3 months and some days, to finish all the bottles and vases because these ropes are really thin and need to be handled with care.

  For me, it was an experience, worth every minute of my time and a truly humbling one. 

They are all finished and I share some of my favourites with you..............Enjoy.

                                         Miabo Enyadike 


Tuesday, February 05, 2019



This blog has been updated

The weather news report coming from abroad is really fascinating and one that is indeed amazing. 

As we watch the cable news and see the snow blizzards, being described with terms like "cyclone bomb", "Hurricane snow winds", Snow blizzard and freezing temperatures of -17 degrees, we really wonder how people are coping and all the havoc this might be causing.

An abstract art painting of houses in a snowstorm
   Houses in a snow blizzard Series;Ink on paper board; Miabo Enyadike.

I really appreciate the fact that in Johannesburg where I live,it is summer right now with the weather in between rain and heat.

It is really strange, that we down here are witnessing these overwhelming, snowstorms everywhere through the international cable news, with the deaths involved and we are just overwhelmed, with the intense climate change that is so real.

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Our hearts, are with all those who are suffering and have to endure this horrendous snowstorm or Polar vortex as it is being referred to.

These Abstract Art paintings, represent what it looks like when there is a heavy snow blizzard.When entire neighbourhoods and communities are covered in snow.

An Abstract art painting of a cottage covered in snow.
House in Snow blizzard

 I know right now it's summer in Johannesburg where I reside, but somewhere it is snowing heavily, that's just the way the earth functions.

 Except this particular winter season, is different and bombastic in its delivery and has left thousands if not millions, wondering what exactly is going on with the weather?            


I have watched several movies about impending snow storm and people were stuck, either in their houses or on the road, but this is not a movie. 

This is reality with deaths already recorded, people being rescued from their homes and freezing temperatures of below minus degrees, cars, houses and roads completely frozen and covered in snow, no movie can deliver these scenes.

An Abstract art painting depicting apartment blocks covered in a snowstorm.
       High rise Apartment blocks in a Snow blizzard:Ink on paper board; Miabo Enyadike.

This year is just beginning and people are already stuck in this huge snow falls, like never seen before around the world. 

My inspiration for these paintings, comes from my fascination with nature and seasons, in relation to how it affects our lives and environment and understanding that nature is dynamic and will continue to overwhelm, us with surprises.

Nature must have it's way always.

The different seasons we experience, show the dominance and prominence nature plays in our lives, with or without our consent.

An abstract art painting of houses in a snowstorm
                Houses in a blizzard Series;Ink on paper board; Miabo Enyadike.

Sometimes, it just determines the look and feel of our surroundings for us, hence the subject matter of these paintings, 'Houses in a Snow Blizzard'. 

It's always up to nature, to transform and occupy our lives with its presence and colour when it strikes!..............Let's stay safe everyone.

                           Miabo Enyadike

Friday, February 02, 2018


As an Artist, I try to find other ways to monetize my art apart from exhibitions, blogging, markets, and fairs. Other avenues for me, to advertise and monetize my art are licensing on products and workshops. 

This particular blog is on products-Tote bags, which has my art printed on them, that in itself is a subtle way of advertising my artworks, through fashion and style.

 Art Printed products come in handy for the artist, to still make money on the side while we wait, for the big painting sale.

These small collaborations here and there, help the artist, bottom line. 
Every Artist knows the difficulties of getting any sort of funding, for our projects and it can be quite discouraging. 

These online platforms allow us to extend our creativity, by Licencing art on their products, while creating a brand and retail business, around them.

With the right products and tags, your creativity gets seen, around the world without much expenditure.

I can only write about the ones I know of and use, it involves hard work and constant sharing, of your creative designs, through social media and newsletters.
These, are the platforms that I'm, familiar with,

Below are the sites I monetize my art on:

In this day and age of fierce entrepreneurship, it is important as artists, to be in the game.

This is so important and cannot be overemphasized 
or taken for granted, because we are the creatives and our imaginative process, can only be translated by us.

It is a gift that keeps on giving and must be harnessed and utilized, to its fullest. 

Hence the internet, with all its juicy platforms enables our dreams to be realized. 

These tote bags represent my Art and these are gorgeous all-over printed tote bags features sturdy, weather-resistant fabric and dual 100% natural cotton bull denim shoulder straps. 

And one can make a beautiful, artful statement with this standout, all-season  Tote Bags - whether on an afternoon stroll around town or a weekend out of town.

I love how my Art, is a statement and is enjoyed by those who love Art and Style.....Enjoy 

How do these platforms work, you simply create art that you can download on their products, they have the software to assist you in your creativity. 

look out for brands that suit your kind of art. These other brands could be 

Society 6
Deviant art
fine art America

I speak for the ones I use and they currently sell my art and designs for me with stated commissions and I have sold $16,000 dollars so far!

I would advise that you build a good body of work as an artist in order to proceed on this kind of monetization so you don't overstretch your art.

I will be running a 6wks email course on 
Artist digital optimization from the March 27th, 2019. If you feel the need to be part of this course, you send us a mail

What you will learn

-  Week 1: Understanding Digital Space

-  Week 2: Crafting your Product name and Story 

-  Week 3: Creating your Brand Personality

-  Week 4:  Inbound Marketing

-  Week 5:  How to Sell Online

-  Week 6:  Physical Presentation of your Art

This course is made for you if:

  • You're  an artist looking to represent yourself 
  • You love creating artwork but can't sell them
  • You are looking for ways to monetize your art
  • You want to learn how to promote your art
  • You want in on the art business
  • You want to create solo or group art events to sell your work
  • You want to be invited to art exhibitions
  • You should create an online portfolio to that is a magnet for collectors
  • You want to create printables to earn big.
The course cost $100

and you get bonus artist workbook planner to aid you in the course.

You can register now as the closing date is the 20th of March 2019.


About Me
Born 1971 July, in Portharcourt Nigeria, Miabo is an international fine artist and the founder of Artmiabo since 1992. Her artworks represent a rather unique perspective using materials available to her, to create modern contemporary Art that is relevant to our society's narrative.
A fine art graduate with a degree honors in Fine and Applied Arts Education from the University of Ibadan Nigeria since 1992.
Miabo also received recognition and a Ford Foundation art award from the Nigerian Institute of Art Terra culture in 2006, for her contemporary Art style.
Miabo has been involved in several International solo and group art exhibitions with a strong online presence and has had several media interviews over the years.

And was again given an Award 2017, for Service to Artist by the Yaba College of Arts Technology and Design in Lagos Nigeria.
She is an Artpreneur, art blogger and a certified interior decorator from the Inscape design School, South Africa, and her Artworks have been widely collected internationally privately.
Miabo currently lives in Johannesburg South Africa with her husband and three kids.