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Friday, May 17, 2019


                   FACIAL EXPRESSION SERIES.

Facial Expression Series 1-2-3
Abstract Expressionism, Ink on Packaging box, Miabo Enyadike

Facial expressions, drawn in a simple or rather abstract way, is one Art I just love to create. 

As an Artist, I am inspired by the creativity and simplicity, of messages and signs written on box packaging, during protest marches. The facial expressions of protesters are also one of the inspirations for this series  ...Enjoy

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Miabo Enyadike

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Abstract Art collage mixed media, is a style of art I am most familiar with.I love to apply objects and different materials to wood board and canvas

 My background is fine and applied arts, so I basically was nurtured in that style of abstract mixed media collage, where objects and materials matter most in your work than the paint you apply. 

abstract art paper collage of a male thinking
                    Title: Thinking/Abstract Art Expressionism/ by Miabo Enyadike

unique wedding stationery by independent artistThe objects and materials, are meant to tell the story of your artwork, driving home the narrative  about your artwork to the viewer and it's meaning but at the same time creating a sense of abstraction and expressionism all in one. 

abstract art expressionism of an african woman

My Art series on view today does that, I have created colorful silhouettes of men with geometric paper cut outs. The geometric shape I have chosen for these artworks is circle. 

abstract art collage mixed media of a male.
            Title: Unknown Face/Abstract Art Expressionism/ by Miabo Enyadike

There is no underlying reason to that but for my preference for circles, as it is a much easier shape to manipulate with paper giving the subjects involved. 

Abstract art expressionism of a lady pouting her lips

I used a paper cutter and old magazines all applied on an acrylic painted canvas, yes you heard me well canvas not paperboard my favorite art material. 

Abstract art paper collage of a male silhouette
          Title: Male Silhouette/Abstract Art Expressionism/ by Miabo Enyadike

This series is an Abstract Art Expressionism in a collage mixed media style, my inspiration comes from the need to manipulate printed paper and see how much I can get out of it.

Abstract art expressionism of purple calla lilies in a vase
Purple calla lilies in a vase

I juxtaposed unlikely colors and textures of glossy magazine prints with newspaper prints together, by simply creating a fish scale interface that brings them together to form Art.I hope you enjoy these new Artworks of mine. You can click and buy my art in

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Friday, November 16, 2018


Abstract Art is an expression or impression, of how an Artist interpretes what they see in their own way regardless, of the norms. That is my own true definition of an Abstract Artwork.

These abstract Art paintings were created from that same mindset and expression,on how I view a situation, an issue,a person, nature and events. 

I tell my story with color and express them in Abstract. 

My Art is influenced by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Jasper John and Robert Rauschenberg.

                                           ABSTRACT ISSUES
                                           Distorted Society

This Abstract Art painting  is inspired by  how our society is represented  in the eyes and minds of many, who already have a distorted view about the society we live in.

                                      ABSTRACT HUMANITY
                                           Title: The Journey

This is an abstract art painting in Ink on paperboard describing life's journey,into the unknown.The Ink medium indicates the flow of issues, we as humans encounter on earth.

                                 ABSTRACT NATURE
                                          Title:Nature's Colors 

This artwork is depicts a young girl with a bowl of fruit, in the summer. Her bright color clothing shows she is outdoors and involved in a summer gathering of some sort.

                                              ABSTRACT HUMANITY
                                                   Title: Untitled

This untitled Art portrait is an expression of a disgruntled individual. The inspiration for this Art are faces that express anger and frustration in an overwhelming situation.


Wednesday, November 14, 2018


I love vibrant colors, I really do not tint my colors when I'm painting.I paint directly without thinning with water or turpentine. I rarely tone down my colors, I just love them bright. 

                            Mommy and Baby: Abstract Art: Ink on Paperboard by Miabo Enyadike

Since most of my Art is Ink based, I try to maintain the rich tone of the ink and that is the reason I create Art on paperboards, that are slightly glossy and smooth. The richness of the colors and the smooth ivory background that is signature to my work, gives my Art a very polished photo look. 

                                Fashion Art: Ink on paperboard: by Miabo Enyadike

My palette consist of all the primary colors, which are red, yellow and blue, when you view my Art, they are in dominance of my Art process because I am not afraid to use them in there strength, aligned and nsync with each other, I love that.

                            Waves: Abstract Art Ink on Paperboard: by Miabo Enyadike
                                                   (In Private Collection)

 My palette as an Artist is simple, yet colorful and daring, somehow childlike in its combination and
challenging the norms of how color should be applied to creativity while leaving an impression, in the minds of my audience that my work might be unfinished! 

                                Lady: Abstract Art:  Ink on paperboard by Miabo Enyadike

Well as a professional artist of over 20 plus years, I am yet to see or meet an Artist who is completely finished or satisfied with their work, 

                                        15%off Art in

there is always something more they would have added if only they knew what, but we put our work out there nevertheless, with a nervous bravado hoping our audience witness a finished piece of work.

                           Carnival Face: Abstract Art: Ink on Paperboard: By  Miabo Enyadike
( In Private Collection)

 My work speaks about how I see things, bright and colorful. Maybe that's why I don't paint landscapes, because I wouldn't quite get it right, with my basic color palette.

                                    Man: Abstract Art: Ink on Paperboard: By  Miabo Enyadike

The good thing about a signature color palette, is critics can always identify your work immediately, I don't know the advantages or disadvantages of that. 

                                       Maze: Abstract Art: Ink on paperboard by Miabo Enyadike
                                                               (In Private Collection)

What I know, is our work should speak for itself through our Color palette, Dimensions, Light, Lines, Structure, Subjects, etc and my pick today is Color Palette......Enjoy.

                                   Expression: Abstract Art: Ink on Paperboard: By  Miabo Enyadike
                                                               (In Private Collection)

                                                                                                                                                            MIABO ENYADIKE

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Saturday, December 16, 2017


I love old wood, be it oak, mahogany, pine, ebony, any wood  that exist, this drives my insatiable need to collect old used wood from everywhere or anywhere I see them.  
I love the well worn look of old wood and the amazing fact, that if you choose to sand old wood again, it just comes alive with a better surface and fantastic grain when  polished.  
In my case it really does not matter what state it is in, I just love it because there is always a use for them.

Jogging back home one morning, I discovered a pile of wood probably used for skirting, kept outside a fenced compound that was been renovated.

Well yours truly not one to waste time, pressed the bell at the gate and waited patiently while my eyes were glued to this find.  
Eventually response came, I was greeted nicely by a  lady who came to the gate. She answered warmly, that was a good sign! and all I needed.

                        My Art gallery

 I made my interest known about the wood to her, and if I could have them for free of cause.  I was playing on that warmness and using it to my advantage.

I could see she was taken  aback at this
request, but to my utmost relief she graciously agreed to my request.

She was still a bit confused I noticed and she asked why I wanted them, I simply replied  coyly, I love to collect old used wood for Art. Thank you! I said. Ran home quickly  got a ride, and came back to pick them up.

WeddingAnyway, to cut a long story short,I cleaned and sanded them,  went to see my carpenter and joiner, they were turned to picture frames for me. 
I framed some acrylic flower paintings, I had previously done in them as you can see, it looked good to me and I really love the old wood .....ENJOY!  

                             Miabo Enyadike
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Thursday, December 14, 2017


I enjoy painting abstract silhouettes especially faces.The simple reason is I can manipulate the profile of an individual, with several layers of color.

 Color for me is an integral part of my art aesthetics I allow color to lead my creative process in the way I see the art I am about to create.

                          Silhouette of a woman; Abstract Art; by miabo enyadike.
My Art this week is all about using colors to create a simple silhouette, of a woman and a man.When I decided to create this particular art, it was more of emphasis on color than on the human profile.
                     Saatchiart/artmiabo SHOP HERE

I wanted to see what the outcome of the creative process would look like. 

Also to see if and when the human features are covered in colors, other than our natural colors would this Art evoke any emotions?... that simply belies the fact, that color seems to be one the many problems we have in our society.....just saying.

                           Silhouette of a man; Abstract Art; by miabo enyadike

This time I painted not in my favorite medium, Ink on paper board but another medium I enjoy sometimes, acrylic on wood board.
Phone Cases

I wanted very bold and color popping Art because I love bold colors and have previously done soft silhouettes with Ink
The paintings are abstract Art and have a rhythm of colors running through the entire faces of the man and woman representing their thoughts and ours maybe?

Check out 
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Monday, December 11, 2017


               ABSTRACT DRAWING  | FACES    

Art illustration by Miabo Enyadike

Art is dynamic and one's creativity as an Artist is based on thatI have always wanted to do drawings on facial expressions, with emphasis on the different faces we put out in public.

Facade- Art illustration by Miabo Enyadike

The task was how to convince anyone, to sit down, in order for me to have a quick sketch, that I eventually succeeded in accomplishing, please don't ask how.

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Facade-Art illustration by Miabo Enyadike

 I did nine of these drawings, sketching only half of the face, I needed to show how we all put up a facade, in public and another face reserved for people close to us in private.

These drawings tell the story.

The faces are divided into two parts, the public, and private facade.

 The public facade, I drew with pen and ink on a watercolor background, while the private facade is not represented at all.

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 I made it that way, to show the other side of us that we would rather keep private.

 As for me, it is all about the facade that we all put out. ENJOY!.

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