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My blog today, is profiling a young artist, barely in his twenties whose work I have come to love and respect. I met this young fellow in one of my workshops for Artist and since then I have followed his work. The kind of sculptures he produces are fresh, innovative and fascinating to look at. 

The subject matter he interpretes, in his work is expressive and deals with everyday events, that include humanity and culture and those are issues that matter to me, that is why I am a huge fan of his work. 

Segun, is innovative in his sculpture pieces, it is easy to see what inspires this young and emerging Artist, he is inspired by his mum,women and experiences in his society as well as metal objects.His use of nuts and bolts, mixed with metal objects to tell a story through sculpture, is an inspiration in itself.

Segun, has been involved in several exhibitions, showing his works to an audience that truly appreciates,his narrative about the society he inhabits through the sculpture pieces he creates.

Brief Bio of Segun Okewumi

A young Visual Artist whose specialty is sculpture.
Segun okewumi was born on the 28th of May, 1996.He hails from Oyo State(south west, Nigeria).He had his early education in the Ancient city of Ibadan, before proceeding to yaba college of technology where he obtained his National Diploma in Art. He is currently a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria in pursuit of a degree in Art  (B.FA )Honors. 

His mother, has been a great source of inspiration to him, that has opened a fountain of creative impulse on several occasions. His works radiate Empathy for the underprivileged in society.
 Bursts of human activity, often fire his vibrant imagination and he has special reverence for motherhood were he likes to celebrate, mothers and women generally in his works.

Segun okewumi, frequently expresses, his artistic philosophies in recycled media and is attracted, to sculpture because of its three dimensional view and the level of concentration that sculpture inherently requires.

Segun okewumi, would like to be noted for his uniqueness, freshness and contribution to social reform. He derives particular joy, from what he creates, with the use of discarded objects and the response, each work receives from the  viewing audience.

To contact Segun for exhibitions, interviews and purchase of his works,
these are his contact details


                                      Miabo Enyadike


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