Whenever I travel back to my home country Nigeria, it is always a fabulous experience! I connect with family,childhood friends, delicious home food and most of all the diverse indigenous Art and Craft spread across different cultures that make up Nigeria. 

Vintage Decor Basket

I am always pleasantly surprised by the local craft industry and their effort and consistency in keeping their craft authentic and deep in culture. 

My last trip to Nigeria was a bit different, I was in a Solo Art Exhibition with little  or no time for any rampaging through the Art and Craft Markets.

Vintage Decor Basket

 It was a bit difficult for me to move around, since I had to be at the exhibition venue all day, to attend to guest. Though, I still made out time for a quick trip, to the Lagos, Lekki Art Market and bought some locally handmade baskets. That are plain and simple!

Plain Grass woven basket.

These baskets come in all shapes and sizes and are made from dry tall grass. The medium sized ones, I just loved.

                                             Vintage Decor Basket

 Fast forward, brought them back to Johannesburg and the idea for me, was to create Decorative Hospitality baskets,with a Vintage look for my guest who visit and stay over in my house.

Vintage Decor Basket

I could also use them, as toiletries hamper baskets or storage for stuff in the bathroom. 

It was something, I have always wanted to work on for a long time.

To create these Vintage decor baskets, you need:

-Metallic Paint, to transform the plain look of the basket.
-Beaded Ribbons for design and vintage look.
- Fabric Flowers, to finish the vintage look I was going for. 

                                         Vintage Decor Basket

The simplicity of the baskets, lends itself to so many possibilities and this is one of them, a hospitality
basket I would call it and use for anything.

                                         Vintage Decor Basket

Vintage Decor Basket

There you have it Vintage Decor Baskets for bathrooms.......have fun transforming any plain basket.....Enjoy.



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