Monday, June 11, 2018


Whenever I travel back to my home country Nigeria, it is always a fabulous experience! I connect with family,childhood friends, delicious home food and most of all the diverse indigenous Art and Craft spread across different cultures that make up Nigeria. 

Vintage Decor Basket

I am always pleasantly surprised by the local craft industry and their effort and consistency in keeping their craft authentic and deep in culture. 

My last trip to Nigeria was a bit different, I was in a Solo Art Exhibition with little  or no time for any rampaging through the Art and Craft Markets.

Vintage Decor Basket

 It was a bit difficult for me to move around, since I had to be at the exhibition venue all day, to attend to guest. Though, I still made out time for a quick trip, to the Lagos, Lekki Art Market and bought some locally handmade baskets. That are plain and simple!

Plain Grass woven basket.

These baskets come in all shapes and sizes and are made from dry tall grass. The medium sized ones, I just loved.

                                             Vintage Decor Basket

 Fast forward, brought them back to Johannesburg and the idea for me, was to create Decorative Hospitality baskets,with a Vintage look for my guest who visit and stay over in my house.

Vintage Decor Basket

I could also use them, as toiletries hamper baskets or storage for stuff in the bathroom. 

It was something, I have always wanted to work on for a long time.

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To create these Vintage decor baskets, you need:

-Metallic Paint, to transform the plain look of the basket.
-Beaded Ribbons for design and vintage look.
- Fabric Flowers, to finish the vintage look I was going for. 

                                         Vintage Decor Basket

The simplicity of the baskets, lends itself to so many possibilities and this is one of them, a hospitality
basket I would call it and use for anything.

                                         Vintage Decor Basket

Vintage Decor Basket

There you have it Vintage Decor Baskets for bathrooms.......have fun transforming any plain basket.....Enjoy.

                                                       MIABO ENYADIKE

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Sunday, June 10, 2018


Father's day is on its way and once again, we are all getting ready to gift our Dads, husbands, brothers, male friends and Uncles, that are fathers whom we love and respect.

I know the drill and how pleasant it is, when my Kids and I decide it is time to spoil daddy! 

 This year I have picked our 15, inspiring father's day gifts, from my Zazzle store to help anyone wondering what to gift daddy!.....Enjoy.

Mac book Pro 13 Sleeve
Mac book Pro 13 Sleeve
by artmiabo


                                                                          MIABO ENYADIKE


Friday, June 08, 2018



Cafe Loma, is a family Coffee store in the heart of Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria.It is designed in reference to a Moroccan coffee house.
I designed this special place for the owner, and it is a real getaway for most Moms and their kids.

The coffee store has been featured several times on cable network here in Johannesburg and Lagos.

On display from the 15th-29th of June, will be 50 mini flower illustrations by me,which will include flowers drawn in Ink and flowers painted in Acrylic mostly metallic colors.

It is a salon style, exhibition and will run, up to two weeks.
You are all invited, to view and support the Artist.


                                                            MIABO ENYADIKE

Friday, June 01, 2018


 Every Artist has a weakness for a particular subject, we tend to create different styles, use different mediums to express how we see our favorite subject. 

 I love to draw, paint and illustrate flowers, it is my favorite subject and one I can create easily, because of how flowers and natures true colors, appeal to me and my senses. 

 Travelling overseas, always introduces me to a new shade of color and flower I have never seen before. I have been away and I'm back to Johannesburg, where the winter season is beginning. 

 During the summer season, that has just passed here in Johannesburg, I was inspired by the sheer variety of colors in flower shops and gardens. Even simple window boxes with flowers in them, popped out stunning colors.

 My favorite are the Chrysanthemum flowers that has essentially the best color variety, I also love tulips and little cactus plants.

 The green plants also look stunning in Vases, specially the indoor plant in my home right now.

 There were inspirations everywhere, prompting my imagination to create these flowers and plants illustrations.

 I decided to use metallic paint and Ink, to create the paintings just the way I see them, from within me. 

I Painted the flowers, in mostly blue,copper and bronze shades, because that is how I see them, from within my creative spirit. 

 I did not want the Art to look exactly, like the plants or flowers being referenced, I wanted them to appear different but recognizable .

 I preferred a slightly Abstract expression, for the flowers and I went on to repeat the same flowers, in different colors and slightly different shapes and lines. 

The result was simple and clear flower illustrations, with colors that nature might not have granted them, but Art can when it is a favorite subject of an Artist.

You can twist and turn and create several renditions, of the same subject, showing how dynamic and fluid Art is at all times, regardless of the subject. 

A lot of Artist that I admire and respect, have in there published body of works, favorite subjects that they have mastered and gone on,

  to create them in forms and different mediums, that are peculiar to their Art Style.

  How they see these subjects and express them to the public view, is truly wonderful and inspiring to see.

Having a favorite subject matter, sometimes is referred to as an Artist statement work, or signature work as they would call it, I say maybe flowers are mine.........


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