Thursday, April 12, 2018


Fashion illustration is fast becoming part of mainstream Art, you find artist who have no connections, to the fashion industry or are the least interested in fashion, creating drawings, illustrations and paintings of fashion wear.

 Coat Dress:Ink on paperboard: 100cmx77cm: Miabo Enyadike
I think it is simply, the fact that a lot of Artist are now understanding that Fashion is Art and it tells its own story in a distinct and artistic way. 
Also a lot of Artist, are now on digital platforms that allows for them, to create fashion with their Art and also opens doors for them to put there Art out there.
 I happen to be one of those Artists, who loves fashion illustrations and fashion as a whole, I take it seriously as an Art form.

 I have made quite a lot of Ink paintings, in this regard and I am sharing a few of them with you, in this blog.  

You can buy and collect them as well, they serve as fabulous office and home wall decor. Besides, it is an original Art, not a print.

 They are all Ink based, and where created on paper boards. They are unframed and make it easy to ship anywhere.

After all, Art is for all to Enjoy!

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