Wednesday, March 14, 2018


My Creativity as an Artist, expands to prints of all sorts.I try to see Art, in different ways and I enjoy a hands on approach, to creating prints out of my original Art. 

My go to method, is screen printing and stamping letters with hand cut letter stamps. It always reflects originality and creativity, when the screen printing is an original idea from the Artist and the ability to create your own fonts, is equally lovely.

 I always use old newspapers or smooth paperboard, for this type of Art and craft because with the newspapers, it adds texture to the background and contrast as well. 
While with the smooth paperboard, it creates a smooth clean gloss finish, that gives the Art a professional print finish, it is fantastic!.

This craft, has an appeal for me because I can create miniature pieces of Art, for sale with this.

It is a simple and easy method, Artist who are cash strap or just being innovative can create cute inexpensive Art and craft items for sale.

This is because you, can screen print or stamp on 
T shirts, cotton and silk fabric, paper and simply create a fashion and stationery brand....just saying.

 I appreciate, the time spent on this kind of Art because it is absolutely rewarding. 

 Once you get the hang of it and understand how, to use your materials effectively it works out well.

 I always use water based ink and sometimes acrylic if I'm stamping, I apply the acrylic paint directly on the stamp and then try to reduce the paint on the stamp, by stamping on a paper I'm not using, to effectively reduce the paint on the stamp until it is okay to stamp on the artwork.


 Lately, I have extended my letter stamps, to my original abstract Art work. I will show you in my next art blog, how I have incorporated stamps into Artworks I create. 

I hope you enjoy stamping and creating, screen prints of your original Art, for sale as gift items........Enjoy!


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