As an Artist, I try to find other ways to monetize my art apart from exhibitions,blogging,markets and fairs. Other avenues for me, to advertise my art are licencing on products and workshops. 

This particular blog is on products-Tote bags, which has my art printed on them,that in itself is a subtle way of advertising my art works,through fashion and style.

 Art Printed products come in handy for the artist, to still make money on the side while we wait,for the big painting sale.

These small collaborations here and there, help the artist, bottom line. 
Every Artist, knows the difficulties of getting any sort of funding, for our projects and it can be quite discouraging. 

These online platforms, allows for us to extend our creativity, by Licencing art on their products,while creating a brand and retail business, around them.

With the right products and tags, your creativity gets seen, around the world without much expenditure.

I can only write about the ones I know of and use,it involves hard work and constant sharing, of your creative designs, through social media and news letters.
These, are the platforms that I'm, familiar with,

In this day and age of fierce entrepreneurship, it is important as artists, to be in the game.

This, is so important and cannot be over emphasized 
or taken for granted, because we are the creatives and our imaginative process, can only be translated by us.

It is a gift that keeps on giving,and must be harnessed and utilized, to its fullest. 

Hence the internet,with all its juicy platforms enables our dreams to be realized. 

These tote bags represent my Art and these are gorgeous all-over printed tote bags features sturdy, weather-resistant fabric and dual 100% natural cotton bull denim shoulder straps. 

And one can make a beautiful, artful statement with this stand out, all-season  Tote Bags - whether on an afternoon stroll around town or a weekend out of town.

I love how my Art, is a statement and is enjoyed by those who love Art and Style.....Enjoy 



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