Wednesday, November 29, 2017


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Bold Print throw pillows always add style to a space. 
I have created these pillows with Art I have made.

 Pillows always add flair to Stylish Living.
You can put a colorful spin in your home with these pillows.
The different pillows I designed can be used in Classic, Retro and very modern decor.

                          Saatchi Art by Miabo Enyadike

Some are geometric prints with pastel colors, others are bold pattern prints and just pure Art.

These bold print pillows add  interest and energy to a room with a defined Decor Scheme.


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                   Art Gift-  Bold Print Throw Pillow




Tuesday, November 28, 2017


 In all my 20  years career as an Artist, I've always wondered what goes on in the minds of the collector. Looking at it from the Artist point of view, and the  passion that ignites our creativity, we expect everyone to applaud or purchase our "great Art "without thinking.

What comes to our minds as artist when we work is  not just the response our works  receive from  others but also our own perspective. We are our greatest champions, as well as critiques. 

The expectations, hope and elation  we feel when our work is  praised and acknowledged  pales in comparison, to when our work is rejected or dismissed. 

Trust me I've been there! The feeling of disillusionment about one's creativity just by a 'snide comment' from a potential collector is an artist nightmare. 

Jekyll and Hyde; Ink on paperboard; Miabo Enyadike.

Who is a Collector or Patron of the Art?  Let me put it this way, so you understand the impact of the collector, in the life of the Artist'.

 'They waltz into your Art life and boom! you are made. These  collectors have the power to influence your creativity in your community and beyond.

Their choice to buy our Art or commission us, is what makes our effort as creatives or professional Artists worth it' 

 Collecting of Art works from the Artist, comes in different ways, they could be our friends, 
"paying family members",  colleagues,
 Art galleries, the internet, art markets,  art events you name it encouraging us to put our work and name out there.

Recently, I read a blog on how to start a
Fine- Art- Collection  by 'Celine Rabago', a Fine Art consultant with Pacific galleries and Auction House, her advice to  budding collectors, was:
"In the end, finding your own personal style and preference is what matters the most. Understand that while some art does appreciate in value this is not true of all art, collect what you love".
And this is my reply to her blog from an Artist perspective..........

I wish that could be said about all collectors, then every Artist would be successful. The collectors come in several ways, and they can be described as the investment collectors, and the passionate or the supporting "The art Collectors". 

Holiday Gifts

  The investment collector buys strictly, for investment purposes they don't have an emotional connection to the Artist. There emotions are tied to the financial benefits, of their investment and the narrative around the work of the Artist. And  that's my opinion, don't get me wrong.
The second collector is passionate about Art, they visit every art anything and sincerely are fascinated about every Art, they come across.

Flowers; Ink on paperboard; Miabo Enyadike

They ask valid questions and somehow,and follow the story of the Artist.

These set of collectors, exhibit raw emotions and passion by just viewing a work of an unknown artist either through the Internet or  live exhibition, without the presence of their "squad of  advisers and know it all Art agents".

 They are the ones that buy, for their true personal style and they collect what they love. They become your cheerleader, your unpaid sales man. 

They talk about your work, with such passion to their friends, that some are convinced, to buy your Art. 

They don't need anything from the artist, they are content to be part of your success story to be named the one who discovered your Art.. 

That is the Collector the Artist longs for and loves.

I had one such  experience in my life as an artist, in one of my exhibitions in Lagos, Nigeria. I re-designed huge traditional clay pots, with plastic cord ropes and painted on them very bright colors, they were good to look at, different from anything I was familiar with. 

                                   Face' Abstract Art; Ink on paperboard; Miabo Enyadike

The first day of the exhibition, didn't go too well. When asked to describe my inspiration and methods by some collectors, it was rough.

I heard comments like, my 10 year old can make this or is this not the rope used to make clotheslines to dry clothes? What has this got to do with art? 

It was one snide comment after the other that by the third day, I excused myself from being present so the curator had to represent me.

However,  the following day, after I had excused myself, I came back expecting the same comments, when the curator walked up to me and said there is a lady, waiting all morning to see you.          

                           saatchi/miabo enyadike

"She insists on seeing you in person" the Curator said.  I asked why, a little apprehensive, but she beckoned to the familiar lady to come over, and made the introduction and that was it. 

The look of appreciation in the eyes of this woman, said it all. She I recognized from the TV and the local tabloids because of her celebrity status in Lagos and well known place in the society. 

To cut a long story short, the pots where what she loved and she wanted all, it didn't bother her if they had future value or not she was redecorating and these pots where it.

 She went on and on about them, spoke to the gallery owner about them, made me wait to meet some of her friends she had told about the pots. The feeling of that moment changed my life completely.

                                           Untitled' Abstract   Art; Miabo Enyadike

The Gallery owner, went on and submitted my name to The Ford Foundation in Lagos. That year, alongside other artists. I  was awarded a  grant / award, by Ford Foundation through Terra Kulture a Nigerian Art Institute.

 A group exhibition was held, to present our works, according to the exhibition press release, this was written  about my pots;

 "Though a painting-dominated show, the other genres such as sculpture and print also offered very competitive atmosphere. In Potters by Afam Okwudili and Miabo Enyadike pieces of vases were presentations of contemporary and native African d├ęcor arts."
My life took a new turn, and this informed my decision to pursue my art my way. I decided to further my studies in design, moving to Johannesburg to a design school that changed my entire perception, about Art.

I was emboldened, to create an E book, of some of  my new way of creativity, as my Art evolved titled  "Art- the- way- I -See- It"  in 2014.
Art the way I see it
Art The Way I See It
All these events, have informed me to an extent  who the collector is and how they think
My thought, about the whole collecting Art thing, is the Artist needs the collector and so does the collector need the Artist.

For a new collector, the best place is the Internet because there, it's just you and the Art, the Artist information and all you need to know.  

There present and past works are accessible to you. 
A new collector can acquire an Art piece  from an Artist anywhere  in the world, without going on any journey and the prices vary and are competitive.The decision to buy an Art piece for investment or pleasure, lies in the collector.
 My duty as an artist is to create Art I love.... 
hoping  that it brings pleasure to my audience and
 stir emotions in them, that bring about 
collecting my  Art..........Enjoy. for My Online Art Portfolio


Tuesday, November 07, 2017



Simple Abstract Art Patterns and Print Illustrations in Ink.

                                               leaves(fall) by Miabo Enyadike

These Abstract Art illustrations are inspired by nature and color.

                                            Red flowers by Miabo Enyadike

Color is used as the basis to create these abstract art paintings the medium of my choice, in creating these Art is Ink on smooth paperboard.

                                         Spiral (color) Art by Miabo Enyadike

They where created on very narrow paper so that the Art appears very bold and full. 


Colors by Miabo Enyadike

Art by Miabo Enyadike