Monday, October 16, 2017


Abstract Art Collage; by miabo enyadike

I have been away and only just returned to Johannesburg,I really could not do much blogging because my schedule was really tight on the project I was commissioned to do.

When I returned back to Joburg where I reside, one thing that struck me the most was the lonely feeling that engulfed me when I stepped into my work/art studio.

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 It felt abandoned and it made me wonder what work I could have done and accomplished in this studio the six weeks I was away in Lagos it was a bit depressing.

Abstract Art Collage by miabo enyadike

My need to do something about that feeling led to painting on a few shirts,which brings me to the subject at hand, recycling of shirts. 

Abstract Art Collage by miabo enyadike

I have done quite a few of these paintings on shirts before,those shirts were kind of different because they where random shirts I picked at charity stores then.

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 These ones I have turned into Abstract Art are very personal and close to home, they are my husbands favorite shirts! all five of them.

Abstract Art Collage by miabo enyadike

 These shirts were worn to there deaths by my husband but for the sake of Art intervention, they would still be worn today. 

I decided enough of these shirts already! I think is time to kind of Immortalize them forever where they can be seen but not worn! 

Abstract Art Collage by miabo enyadike

So with old carton boards as the base for the shirts, glue, brush and Acrylic paint I changed the course of history for these shirts and made them Art......? 

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Abstract Art Collage by miabo enyadike

That way they remain with my husband in fond memories.....Enjoy.

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