Wednesday, September 06, 2017


6th-10 Sept, 2017

Juried Art Exhibition in Johannesburg South Africa could not be more exciting, after the applications and Jury outcome, came the real treat the venue! 

   Victoria Yards, 24 Victoria Road corner Viljoen, Lorentzville, Johannesburg. 
                                   South Africa.   

A 19th century Industrial complex called the Victoria Yard, in the heart of Johannesburg Town.

        Side View of the building Facade

As I write this blog, right now it is being remodeled into an Artist hub that would comprise Artist Studio spaces, Art galleries and everything Art wise. 

                                  Bare walls for Artist to Install their Art

The actual space for this years exhibition is also under remodeling and construction how cool is that and this space will be occupied by the Joburg fringe for the next 4 days.

                                       Clearing my wall space at the Fringe Venue

It is under construction and remodeling so the walls are bare and you can see the old bones of the building and the Industrial appeal is so in your face... it is beautiful.

live Art, graffiti going on in the venue exciting!

 Though a bit daunting when it comes to installing our work,I know we are all excited about the venue and the space, so that thought is so secondary to us all right now, as we brave  all the remodeling going on and install Art..... 

                   friend and I hanging a fitting

So contemporary modern Art,

                      Me, Standing next to my work.

 will be Juxtaposed with old industrial
 Architecture, under extensive and active

                Exhibition Space

So we invite you to come view Art, buy and Support the Artist who have  come from Africa, USA, Europe and the rest of the world.......Enjoy.

               My Art Flower in a Vase Series installed  still covered in plastic wraps 

There will be loads of fun tonight, at the opening of this years fringe. Word from the fringe team is we've been sponsored some wine by Norman Good fellows, so we can all drink a  toast.

 Foodies will be on sale by 
Mama Galeza.

And we're being sponsored some more great cool jazz by
Harold Dj-Skinniez Galeza - keeping it all in the family!
Thanks so much once Again, Joburg Fringe Team for making this year Fabulous and 


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