Monday, February 13, 2017


Valentine season is here, and our thoughts are on how to spend the day with people we love and care for.
              Wood and paper cuts love hangings
 We can start by thinking of ways to make that the day special for people we love and truly appreciate.

For me it is making Art and craft the way I know with the sole intention of giving out to everyone special to me.
            Paper Heart on canvas
We always want to share that day expressing our love, in several ways. The top of our list is giving out gifts.
          Paper and fabric heart 
These days our valentine day could be spent with charities we support and
Crochet bags with hearts
projects that are dear to our heart or the most important our loved ones.
                     Tote bag with love Applique 
 Whatever way we intend to spend valentine's day, the giving of gifts is what makes the day.
Cards and Gift Tags 
               Cards and Gift Tags 
 I share with you some of my   hand made valentine gifts, made with love.............ENJOY!.                           Miabo.

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