Saturday, December 16, 2017


The month of October,till the month of February is the summer season in South Africa. While Europe and America are 'Wintered up', we here have loads of sun and rain with hailstones, all at the same time it is a little overwhelming. 
Most mornings, its already pretty hot and I  take long walks, on the street that is at the corner of my own street.
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I enjoy that walk because of all the tall pine trees, and all I see is pine cones everywhere. I always tell myself, I will pick some next time and paint some fun summer colors.

Maybe use them as decor, in my patio or my 
sitting room but I always forget to go with a bag.   

I remembered last Friday and went with a bag and picked as much as I could carry, bearing in mind it was a long walk back home.

Anyway I got my pine cones, cleaned them up with a small painters brush, then I brushed thinner all over each cleaned pine cone.          
This I did to prevent insects or molding. I then applied white acrylic paint, as the base paint and when they were dry painted them the colors I wanted. 


I chose colors, that reflect the mixed weather we are in right now. And oh! its raining but the sun is up how amazing......ENJOY!

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I love old wood, be it oak, mahogany, pine, ebony, any wood  that exist, this drives my insatiable need to collect old used wood from everywhere or anywhere I see them.  
I love the well worn look of old wood and the amazing fact, that if you choose to sand old wood again, it just comes alive with a better surface and fantastic grain when  polished.  
In my case it really does not matter what state it is in, I just love it because there is always a use for them.

Jogging back home one morning, I discovered a pile of wood probably used for skirting, kept outside a fenced compound that was been renovated.

Well yours truly not one to waste time, pressed the bell at the gate and waited patiently while my eyes were glued to this find.  
Eventually response came, I was greeted nicely by a  lady who came to the gate. She answered warmly, that was a good sign! and all I needed.

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 I made my interest known about the wood to her, and if I could have them for free of cause.  I was playing on that warmness and using it to my advantage.

I could see she was taken  aback at this
request, but to my utmost relief she graciously agreed to my request.

She was still a bit confused I noticed and she asked why I wanted them, I simply replied  coyly, I love to collect old used wood for Art. Thank you! I said. Ran home quickly  got a ride, and came back to pick them up.

WeddingAnyway, to cut a long story short,I cleaned and sanded them,  went to see my carpenter and joiner, they were turned to picture frames for me. 
I framed some acrylic flower paintings, I had previously done in them as you can see, it looked good to me and I really love the old wood .....ENJOY!  

                             Miabo Enyadike
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Tulip flowers in a Vase: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 30cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike

Drawing with a pen is another form of art I indulge in once a while. It is truly relaxing, but a little tricky.

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Everything you need to quilt and sew at The good thing though, is this is for someone like me, who is hands-on, restless and free-spirited. A little bit of something dainty to work on keeps me grounded and I love that.

When I found this book in a flea market, it had all these wonderful gorgeous flowers in it, I knew I had to have it. 

Tulips: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 25cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike

The thought of drawing them in black and white was appealing to me, then came interpreting my thoughts about each flower on paper. 



I used a black ink pen and that to me was daunting especially after several mistakes.
Daffodils: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 20cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike

Finally, I cracked the code 'PATIENCE AND RESPECT' for the plant!.
This meant I had to read about each flower, I had selected to draw, let's be clear I hate biology.

Sunflower: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 30cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike

Then I had to see them in real life, which meant going from one flower store to another.    
I knew I was, wearing down the salespeople with questions, and not buying flowers from the store after all that questioning, was really annoying to the salesperson.

Aster: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 30cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike

It did not matter. I was on a quest, and a few angry looks were not going to put me off.

 I was going to draw these flowers ,they were important to me and I love a challenge.

Marigold: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 15cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike
I eventually got all the information I needed, sat down, night after night and drew these flowers, just the way I saw them in my mind.

Saffron: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 20cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike

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My interest in flowers stems from my love for natures colors and beauty.                                                                                                         
flowers are part of nature and so they form part of our natural habitat and the presence of flowers and the subtle message, it brings with its calm beauty cannot be overemphasized...... Enjoy.

            Eucalyptus: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 20cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike

Miabo Enyadike

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Thursday, December 14, 2017


I enjoy painting abstract silhouettes especially faces.The simple reason is I can manipulate the profile of an individual, with several layers of color.

 Color for me is an integral part of my art aesthetics I allow color to lead my creative process in the way I see the art I am about to create.

                          Silhouette of a woman; Abstract Art; by miabo enyadike.
My Art this week is all about using colors to create a simple silhouette, of a woman and a man.When I decided to create this particular art, it was more of emphasis on color than on the human profile.
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I wanted to see what the outcome of the creative process would look like. 

Also to see if and when the human features are covered in colors, other than our natural colors would this Art evoke any emotions?... that simply belies the fact, that color seems to be one the many problems we have in our society.....just saying.

                           Silhouette of a man; Abstract Art; by miabo enyadike

This time I painted not in my favorite medium, Ink on paper board but another medium I enjoy sometimes, acrylic on wood board.
Phone Cases

I wanted very bold and color popping Art because I love bold colors and have previously done soft silhouettes with Ink
The paintings are abstract Art and have a rhythm of colors running through the entire faces of the man and woman representing their thoughts and ours maybe?

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                  Untitled;abstract mixed media;miabo enyadike
What can we do, with empty bottles?
What kind of bottles, do we find laying around our homes, the areas we reside in and our work place.

     Colours 'Unity in diversity'; abstract art;miabo enyadike
what can we do with these bottles after use?
Throw them away or maybe,turn them into valuable pieces, making them useful again.

Lady' abstract mixed media; miabo enyadike

Phone Cases

At any given time,we have bottles lying around our homes and we have cause to throw them away.

Roped in love;abstract mixed media; miabo enyadike

What if you don't throw them away,
or don't let them, become part of the refuse or garbage.

      Roped in love' abstract art; miabo enyadike

Some people will argue, that they clog or clutter and litter your space.
That they have become part of the reason, why our environment has become endangered.

                       Untitled; Mixed Color Rope bottles miabo enyadike.
Now, this does not sound attractive, so what can we do about them? or
what can we do with them?
How can used bottles, enhance our lives financially or otherwise?.
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Heaven'; abstract mixed media; miabo enyadike

The reality is they can!. 
1.They could be turned into functional pieces like decor pieces, flower vases,accessories.
Bottles curated' miabo enyadike

They could be made over, into stylish aesthetic pieces, that add to collectibles. 

      Unity in diversity(bottles);abstract mixed media; miabo enyadike.

 And maybe, the missing link to a fabulous living space.

2.A recycling business could be borne out of bottles, basically collecting empty bottles from eateries, homes, business premises for free or for a token fee. 

And reselling to businesses who need these bottles.

              'Summer'; mixed media abstract art;miabo enyadike. 

3.As an Artist,I run an art studio that incorporates bottles into it's design aesthetics. SAATCHIART.COM/ARTMIABO  SHOP HERE

It is different for me and truly rewarding, because the possibilities are endless.

        artmiabo decor bottles and objects display; miabo enyadike 
All you need is your imagination, and how far you are prepared to stretch it.
abstract mixed media bottles; miabo enyadike'

4. For the party planners and decorators, old jam jars, mini plain bottles are so hot now. They can

       'Inspiration message carriers';miabo enyadike
 turn a space into something romantic and classic, yet sophisticated at the same time when used wisely.

   My work Studio.

So welcome to my amazing world, of empty bottles...... 
Go out there and see what you can make, or create from your environment..... Enjoy! 

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