The Joburg Fringe Art show has come and gone with an exciting bang.

                 Artist Howard Smith and Claudia Shneider

 As an Artist who participated in this show it was a marvellous experience, exhibiting in 

an industrial setting, at the heart of Joburg inner city known as the Maboneng Precinct.

                                       Art works by Miabo Enyadike(my corner)

 Which is also an Art and creative hub in South Africa. Interacting with other Artist

Works by Richard Ketley and Logo Oluwamuyiwa

 and understanding their influence and inspiration behind their Art was key for me.

 I was particularly fascinated by Howard Smith, a very soft spoken Artist from New york whose very mini abstract art paintings where pure and captured my imagination. 

                                             Works by Howard Smith.

 I just kept going back and forth to view his work.

Artist Howard Smith  interacting with a guest

 I enjoyed the diversity in the Art and creative performance by a South African folklore story teller who for the duration of the

                       Performance Artist Lisahluma narrating a folk lore

 exhibition held people spellbound by her
ability to create true life experiences into
a one woman art of narratives, that we can all relate too.

                    Video Art, curated by Dean Hutton

 and the video art which was thought provoking to say the least, had it's share of viewers and critics.

                      Video Art curated by Dean Hutton

 It was an interactive and networking
 4 days for me and I truly enjoyed myself, and met new people that opened my eyes to Art in another dimension. 

Thanks to the Joburg Fringe team for the opportunity.


                         Chief Organiser and Curator of the Fringe Sarie Potter and I

Sarie, Artist Vusi Mbulali and  I

 So here are some of my favourite Art that was on display at the Joburg Fringe.

Richard Ketley and Logo Oluwamuyiwa

The Printing Girls: Amy van den Bergh, Carmen Ford, Lucy Stuart-Clark

The Printing Girls: Amy van den Bergh, Carmen Ford, Lucy Stuart-Clark

Artist Claudia Shneider

 Artist Lucy Stuart-Clark

 Artist kelly Clohessy

Courtesy Joburg Fringe

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