Art on a plate, is one project I enjoyed working on. I always love to work on new surfaces and experience new ideas. 

These paintings done on plates with a textured background, were inspired by the texture that is found on old decaying buildings falling apart.

 These buildings, have this fascinating  
 mixture of different layers of paint mixed with damp wall paper, and peeling walls.

 I am into old buildings, they are intriguing and fascinating to me.

 Last week, I visited a 120yr old building and the texture and patina on the zinc shed in the yard, with different shades of reds and browns was really rich. 

The main house, was once a small manor and the same could be said for the walls, for there where layers and layers

 of peeled surface each showing coats of paint, mixed with wallpaper installed by previous inhabitants of the property. 

Each former owner, putting their mark on these walls.

While others that were present, saw decay and sighed, I saw unintended Art in the making and I love that. 

 I was inspired, to recreate my impression of  these walls on plates............. Enjoy !

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The weather news report coming from abroad is really fascinating and one that is indeed amazing. 

As we watch the cable news and see the snow blizzards, being described with terms like "cyclone bomb", "Hurricane snow winds", Snow blizzard and freezing temperatures of -17 degrees, we really wonder how people are coping and all the havoc this might be causing.

I really appreciate the fact that we here in Johannesburg, in the midst of a very hot summer and can witness these overwhelming, snow blizzards everywhere
else and be thankful for once! 

These Abstract Art paintings, represent what it looks like when there is a heavy snow blizzard.

                   Houses in a blizzard Series;Ink on paper board; Miabo Enyadike.

 I know right now it's summer in Johannesburg where I reside but somewhere it is snowing heavily, that's just the way the earth functions.

 Except this particular winter season, is different and bombastic in its delivery and has left thousands if not millions, wondering what exactly is going on with the weather?

                Houses in a blizzard Series;Ink on paper board; Miabo Enyadike.

I have watched several movies about impending snow storm and people were stuck, either in their houses or on the road, but this is not a movie. 

This is reality with deaths already recorded, people being rescued from their homes and freezing temperatures of below minus degrees, cars, houses and roads completely frozen and covered in snow, no movie can deliver these scenes.

  High rise Apartment blocks in a Snow blizzard:Ink on paper board; Miabo Enyadike.

This year is just beginning and people are already stuck in this huge snow falls, like never seen before around the world. 

My inspiration for these paintings, comes from my fascination with nature and seasons, in relation to how it affects our lives and environment and understanding that nature is dynamic and will continue to overwhelm, us with surprises.

                 Houses in a blizzard Series;Ink on paper board; Miabo Enyadike.

Nature must have it's way always.

The different seasons we experience, show the dominance and prominence nature plays in our lives, with or without our consent.

                Houses in a blizzard Series;Ink on paper board; Miabo Enyadike.

Sometimes, it just determines the look and feel of our surroundings for us, hence the subject matter of these paintings, 'Houses in a Snow Blizzard'. 

   High rise Apartment blocks in a Snow blizzard:Ink on paper board; Miabo Enyadike.

It's always up to nature, to transform and occupy our lives with its presence and colour when it strikes!.............Enjoy.

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