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Abstract Art, is one aspect of fine Art that I love. This type of Art expression, allows you to be you!.

      Migration;abstract art; miabo enyadike

 It creates a kind of curiosity and a sense of wonder, around the artist.

Typically one is always intrigued, when they view an abstract painting, or Art in general.

 Migration; abstract mixed media;miabo enyadike

The difference with abstract art is the how,why and what the....! question.


                Maze; abstract art; miabo enyadike

I always try to put myself in the shoes of the artist, of course wondering if I could have delivered the same message,
 differently or if I get the message at all.

flowers in a vase; abstract art by miabo enyadike

Then I put myself, in the the shoes of the audience.

                   Bloom;mixed media;miabo enyadike

Trying to see the message, in the work or the beauty and breathtaking skill and colour, that has been woven into a story.

Lady Pout; abstract art; miabo enyadike

That could be interpreted in any language, without really delivering any message but just uplifts the soul. 

         Abstract Art; miabo enyadike

Trust me I have been in both shoes severally and I love it. I don't try to read any message when buying art, it just has to uplift me when I look at  it. 

                 Elements in the sky; miabo enyadike

And when I create art, especially 
abstract Art, it should uplift
and secure curiosity and delight, in the hearts and soul of those who view it.

             Behind the picket fence;miabo enyadike

It should also be interpreted by them, in their own language and terms, regardless of what I title it. 

  Distance; abstract art; miabo enyadike

Art is for us to...... Enjoy.

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