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Tuesday, March 29, 2016



Art is dynamic and Artist are naturally driven. 

As an Artist, I always look for new avenues to create Art that haunts my imagination.

Whenever I visit Vintage stores, clothing or otherwise, I always have the same question at the back of my mind, and it is who owned these items?.

A Dad? Acrylic on cotton shirt; Miabo Enyadike

This time around, I was attracted to men's shirts. I thought to myself, how about putting a face and a personality to these shirts.

And I went ahead, bought a few shirts and created paintings with faces and personality on them.

A DJ?; Acrylic on cotton shirt; Miabo Enyadike

That is the inspiration behind this art series, Who wore them?....

A miner?; Acrylic on cotton Shirt; Miabo Enyadike 

I allowed, my imagination answer the question for me......

A Clergy Man?; Acrylic on cotton shirt; Miabo Enyadike. 

by putting a face and personality on each shirt.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016


The artist is one with a vivid imagination, a complex, yet beautiful and intense mind.
                              Stop and love; Mixed Media Abstract Art; by Miabo Enyadike.
 Our ability to observe and translate events, objects, humanity, lifestyle and pain that we see around us, into a gift that is shared and received by all who see it and term it  "Creativity", is what oils our artistic wheels to keep moving.

It encourages us artist, to keep on creating and expanding our gift, to the delight of our Audience.
What comes in between this creativity, is how artist suffer in the name of their craft.
Colours; Mixed Media Art; Miabo Enyadike
 The difficulty it entails to put this beauty, created by us called "Art Works",out there, be it paintings, sculpture, graphics, fashion,  pottery or ceramics, photography etc and be taken seriously by galleries, markets, dealers, collectors a huge, if not an herculean task to bear.
 That brings me to the issue, of the Internet and the artist. The Internet has created a platform for the artist that could be far reaching than we artist anticipate.

 An artist can make a living by the side, regardless of brick and mortar or huge financial commitment, just by uploading and clicking.  
Whilst waiting for the big break, we all dream about and desire.
The Internet at least is on the side of the artist.
Houses; Ink on paper board; Miabo Enyadike
The reason I say so is from my own experience.

The Internet galleries, when you find a good one with a good track record, are not out to put our works down, or ask us to come back in two years time, when they understand what your art is all about.
Neither do they go comparing us, to other artist or berating our artistic efforts.

The Internet is simple,
 (1). It encourages us to be entrepreneurs of our gift.

(2).Stay true to our creativity, whilst  putting our Art out there for us effortlessly.

(3). Introducing us to dealers, patrons, lovers of Art,  Art communities with common interest. True and valid critiquing.

(4). Opening our eyes, and giving us a glimpse of what other artist are doing, to promote their Art and Craft.

(5). Showing us ways, to harness this gift that is given to us in a good way, through collective efforts and encouragement, by our peers in the art world.

(6). Where Artist, all over the world can view each others  work, get inspired and be motivated.

(7). The Artist, does not have to leave their 
homes or home country,  to exhibit  to be known, it is truly amazing and gratifying.

(8). The best part, is the sense of community. Also the knowledge, that you are not alone in this, regardless of what part of the world you are from.  
Africa; Ink on paperboard; Miabo Enyadike.
There are several on line  galleries, that create a platform for the artist. 

These on line galleries introduce artist, to a broader audience and they are free.
 Artist can simply upload their work and sell through these platforms.

All that is needed is for you the artist,to have work that is made by you that's all.
Silhouette of a woman; Ink on paper board; Miabo Enyadike
To access these on line galleries is easy.

It's not "rocket science", simply search on the Internet for example,  On line art galleries
 or How to sell your art on the Internet. 

And the Artist, will get to see a lot of these on line art galleries and platforms, to choose from each offering opportunity.

 Some for free, they take a commission if the work is sold, others might take a stipend, for you to be a member. 

Bottom line, it all boils down to the fact that they exist and are out there to assist the artist.  
For me as an Artist, it comes as a great relief that I can put my work "out there" in any manner I choose.

Then  hold my breath, that people receive it in good faith and enjoy this gift called Creativity.


Friday, March 18, 2016



Waiting,is one duty that we hate, somehow  it puts us in our place sort of. This is one aspect of life that speaks for itself.

 In some cases it could be manipulated like in a high end restaurant. Regulars, the affluent and celebrities can deny you and I an opportunity of a reservation, even when we are there first.  Majority of other Issues in life we have to wait in line.

Art installation; Waiting your turn;
 By miabo enyadike.

To name a few,Migration, finding true love, childbirth, medical issues, creating a business, being a successful artist,  buying a custom Ferrari or any new designer product, requires waiting of some sort.

The inspiration behind this mini installation, is how my friend and I had to wait in line, for hours at the post office the other day.

Art installation; Waiting your turn;
 By miabo enyadike.

 We were in such a hurry and that was the only post office close by that we could renew our driver's licence, every other one would be a journey.

 Despite how busy we were, we knew driving  our cars after that day would be a police fine.  We just had to wait our turn and oh boy! did we wait.

Art installation; Waiting your turn;
 By miabo enyadike.

 As I tried to occupy my mind with "good thoughts" of the people in front of us and at the same time frustrated with the slowness of the attendants, that was when it occurred to me that waiting in line, is one of the most humbling and frustrating experiences.

This is one thing that we all have to go through in life regardless of our status, race or educational background in society.

 Life is full of waiting!.

Art installation; Waiting your turn;
 By miabo enyadike.

Some people, might disagree with this view that's okay. My point here is not all about physically waiting in line, it is about the good and bad things in life that make us wait. 

Art installation; Waiting your turn;
 By miabo enyadike.

Bottom line, we have to persevere, endure and wait sometimes.This could be physically, other times mentally and even spiritually, to get to where we desire to be. 

That's all I'm saying..........Enjoy.

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Thursday, March 03, 2016



 To continue from my last blog the 
Clipboard weekend, I have now finished the abstract children paintings requested by my client.

 By the way, my client knows I'm blogging about it anyway, because I said I would since this is a strange brief. 

They sounded amused,welcomed the idea, at least they see the fun in it.

Untitled' Abstract Art by miabo enyadike

 Their instructions were, "paint our kids on A5 canvas and they should be abstract".

 That was a bit odd because I  know these kids very well, they are really beautiful and cute. Why would their faces be distorted?.

 Why the emphasis on making their faces abstract and  unrecognizable,  that was confusing and I thought, I was the abstract buff!. 

Untitled' Abstract Art by miabo enyadike

 Anyway I tried my best to create what they asked for, a little scared and concerned, but elated they liked them. 

I had them come over and they loved the paintings, and then they explained to me, that they just wanted to be different and wanted paintings of their kids, that would be relevant, in years to come.

Untitled' Abstract Art by miabo enyadike

 They said they wanted more of art, that would create conversation, than a picture they already have.

 Well I saw their point of view, did it make sense to me maybe, but all that mattered   to me, was at least I helped bring their vision to pass.

Untitled' Abstract Art by miabo enyadike

I equally learnt that being an artist, is one thing having creative Ideas, is another thing in itself. And that was what my clients had creativity!........... Enjoy.

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