Friday, July 24, 2015


last month while cleaning my Art studio, I discovered a "Sound of Music" movie dvd, I bought  for my kids a long time ago. 

It was nostalgic, looking at the dvd cover with Maria on it. I decided to watch it later, again for the 100th time.


Anyway, the thought of using the flowery green curtains, to create a line of play clothes for the captains kids was genius!.

Just imagine the foresight, and the design been thought out by maria, for each child.

What about the fittings, sizes, measurement, pattern and easy to wear, for all those children. 

It was fantastic!. The play clothes fashion highlight, for me was the little Pinafore shorts, made for one of the boys how hilarious and well thought out. 

Then I had my "Aha moment". 

I thought to myself, I should create an inspired version. 

I decided to use all the flowery, curtain fabric off cuts, I have and just have fun with it.

Armed with fabric off cuts, cardboard, copic markers and glue.

I created my own fashion interpretation,with what can be done with excess fabric or cut offs.
-Decor accessories,decor bottles for instance  

Also, decor vases could be made.

A simple fashion line can be created.

A soft toy line, for kids can be created.

Tote bags and purses could be made, from any fabric cut off.
-Napkins,table runners or framed fabrics all come in handy with fabric cut offs.

The list just goes on and on.

For me, I was trying to capture a moment of pure genius, by the creators of this movie and the nanny maria. 

Hoping to create, an Art installation with it. 

Referencing, the outfits worn during the sing along scene; 
"Do re mi fa so la ti do" in one of the most joyful and ridiculously fun moment,on any movie I have watched. 

The movie Sound of Music....Enjoy.


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