Monday, June 08, 2015


Recently, I was offered a huge pile of leather cut offs by the upholstery store down the road around the area I live. 

Its not that I'm a big customer, but  I am a friend of the business and their regular, leather stalker.

I keep an eagle eye on their leather scraps.

They know, that I would take whatever, I am given with gratitude and appreciation, so the stalking became legal.

 When I was given, this huge pile I immediately went into creative mode in my mind.

Coming up with  craft ideas, I could use these cut offs for. 

Then it occurred to me, that I could actually create art, with it. 

Something different, simple but abstract.

I decided to create, sculpted newspapers as the base, to apply my leather cut offs on. 

Each telling a story, that is different but are all similar, because of the leather and the colors I chose to paint them.

The inspiration for these Art comes from cows. 

The fact that they add color to our lives, through fashion, food, religion, interior decoration and labour,fuels this attempt of mine to pay homage to all the Cows out there......Enjoy. 


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