Whenever I get travelling or holiday destination magazines in the mail, 
I immediately toss away the previous holiday destination I had in mind away and start dreaming of another cool destination to visit.
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 These holiday magazines, always unconsciously tell you, that you are missing out. We know they are out to get us, into holidaying in some place anyway.

Holiday on my mind' mixed media collage, paper and ink on board paper:  
miabo enyadike 
Last week,I discovered a huge pile of magazines. Sorting through my magazine pile, for interior decorating ideas in order to create a mood board for a project. 

I discovered, I have a huge pile of  travelling/holiday destination magazines.

Holiday Gifts

The pages, were filled with awesome colors. I'm  a hoarder by all means,so just imagine a 3 year stockpile.

I sat down, took my time flipping through the pages, dreaming about the different exotic locations. 
The brilliant editorial, display of these destination were tempting.

By the time I was half through it occurred to me, that I had drifted from the reason I was looking through the magazines in the  first place.
                                                                       Saatchi Art

It was to find inspirations, ideas and magazine pages with strong colours, I could use to create art and craft for interior decorating and art purpose.

I decided since I was not travelling anywhere soon I could create a collage with cut outs, from the pages of the holiday magazine.

I stenciled the background, to create a sense of wonder.I then used the magazine cut out, to create a face with different holiday destinations.
That would include travelling arrangement, hotel rates and packages.

That would show a glimpse of what goes through our minds, when we read these holiday destination magazines. 

All we want is a place to refresh, relax, rejuvenate and dream away.
These magazines provide that avenue, in our minds and tell us it is possible.

Though we may be home at the time, once we get hold of any of these holiday publications we go into dream mode.

These Art, represents that and further illustrates how important the holidays are to us.

We all know the saying 'all work and no play makes .........a dull boy'!

                               Enjoy the holidays.
Holiday Gifts                                                                                 Miabo for my Art Portfolio.

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