Thursday, September 18, 2014


Fashion for most of us is serious, and any retail therapy around fashion is welcomed, with so much delight and enthusiasm.

 For me apart from the shopping aspect of fashion, I look forward to all things fashion, as a way of life. 

It is truly a lifestyle.

That which inspires me always, to enjoy my thoughts on fashion and create illustrations, of dresses and shoes, is the constant change in trends and the buzz. 

I love new trends and I'm always out, on the lookout for both vintage and current fashion. 

I love, visiting vintage fashion stores and and current fashion boutiques.  

They are quite inspiring, you get a sense of two worlds apart, that represent the same thing, fashion! 

 These visits, to the stores inspires me, to indulge myself in fashion illustrations, just for the sheer fun and delight of it.

These as you can see, are some of those fashion inner thoughts of mine, come to life.

These illustrations, were created using Ink on paperboard,to give the fashion collection,a look of fantasy. 

revealing the thought of someone truly dreaming.........

What are your fashion thoughts?  paint it, draw it, say it, write it down, whatever just enjoy it.

                 sketches of fashion ideas.

  Have fun and enjoy your next shopping spree. 



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