Monday, September 08, 2014


Over the past weekend, I  needed to just paint something , there was a rush to get my thoughts and sketches down. I later discovered I had no canvas or paper, except for paint and my brushes of course.

 As artist sometimes the urge to get a particular work done, at a particular time is one we can all relate too. 

Sometimes this creative urge is so strong,that we are ready to drive miles to get the art materials to get our art done.

For me frustration is what I felt, with no surface to work on.I had just rushed back from down town joburg with excitement, after a breakfast outing and I had spent most of the time people watching.

The whole Arty vibe in Newtown, Maboneng and Arts on main was interesting and the crowd was really eclectic.

 It was something I knew, I had to capture in some sort of painting. I decided to put my frustrations aside and no driving to the art store,there was no time to postpone this Creative rush I was experiencing.

 I was determined to release it somehow and there it was, old newspapers lying around on my studio floor.

 I got down on my knees and went to work, and the rest is history.........ENJOY.

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