Every morning, I pull back my window drapes, to let in sunlight, my expectations are always the same, wishing that something different would appear in my sky.

 Something spectacular, instead of the one in front of me. Don't get me wrong I'm grateful to be well and alive, to even see the sky let alone expect something more, just wishful thinking.

I wished only I could see it and gaze at it. Something that would take my breathe away and paint in my mind a beautiful day ahead. That would imply, that the day is definitely going to be an awesome day.

Talking about days, don't we all need an awesome day that the bills don't exist and the one million chores ahead, some how just vanishes into thin air. 

Sure we do, but in the real world that does not happen,at least not in the one I live in. Everyday, we are faced with unending tasks that wear us down and the next morning we need something to look forward to, apart from work. For me the "sky is the limit".

 I decided to do something about it, by creating my own sky with details. Something rather unusual, that I could look at every morning, instead of the real sky which appears plain, like the day ahead devoid of any excitement.

 I painted a rather blue sky, with a very bright red sun,that has sunlight drops, giving this sky a rather unusual look for an early morning sky.

 All I wanted was something that made me think, wonder, dream, imagine and enjoy, what lies ahead each day. Hanging above my bed, I think I may have achieved, my main objective a sky with details that excites me.......ENJOY.




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