I didn't know what to expect this year, at decorex Johannesburg, a design and art exhibition held once a year, but was optimistic, that it will not disappoint and indeed it did not. I set out on Saturday, to Midrand the town where the event was taking place, with the guatrain from Sandton and to my delight discovered, that the guatrain buses where running on Saturday and there only destination was decorex.
That was the first sign,not only were the organisers thoughtful,I knew immediately that we were up for some design goodness. This year six halls, all fantastic.

The exhibitors were carefully picked, the activities going on in different stalls, where well choreographed to the delight and enthusiasm of visitors. The food oh my word, was divine. Gourmet food stalls, to the mini eating areas, tucked in between exhibition stalls, dishing out fantastic food to the total pleasure of visitors was amazing!.

I loved the 100% south Africa hall the best, it was total genuine talent. I saw designs with clean lines and colours, amazing display of furniture designs and interior decor, mostly by young people,I was truly in design heaven.

 I made several trips, to that particular hall, in order to just soak in the sheer amount of design talent and creativity on display.The sheer number of people in all the halls was a testament of how great and awesome this years decorex was. I made a lot of contacts, that compliment what I do, as an artist. I had quite a chat, with some of the designers trying to find out, what furnishes their inspiration with such brilliance, got a lot of good response.It was obvious, they love what they do and are true to their design.It was fun and I enjoyed every moment,looking forward to next years decorex with anticipation and bated breath. 

        BRAVO DECOREX......... ENJOY



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