Thursday, 3 July 2014


I have watched on TV, read and pinned loads of the fashion moments on my pinterest fashion style page; enyadike, this year from Milan to New york, London to Paris and followed the Met fashion gala exhibition, in New york with gusto right here in Africa.

 My most recent fashion enlightenment was watching and listening to Micheal Kors interview on CNN. I applaud fashion designers, fashion illustrators, fashion editors and the entire universe of "fashionistas," for there ability to control the moods and minds of the rest of the world.

There spot on, fashion predictions and forecast truly is mind blowing and enduring. Recently fashion designing, has turned into a true art form, that leaves us artist, gaping and marvelling with total wonder at the art risk being taken, by the fashion universe.

 There ability to go beyond the extraordinary, with their craft and lock fashion horns with the art world, leaves me with total excitement.

 It only goes further to buttress the point, that at last we can truly benefit from each other and no one is superior to the other. 


That's just my personal opinion and the way I see it, it will be a lot more spectacular in the near future, so I present my abstract art adaptation of quirky fashion. ENJOY!                                                                 MIABO.

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