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                  Untitled;abstract mixed media;miabo enyadike

What can we do, with empty bottles?

What kind of bottles, do we find lying around our homes, the areas we reside in and our work place.

     Colours 'Unity in diversity'; abstract art;miabo enyadike

what can we do with these bottles after use?

Throw them away or maybe,turn them into valuable pieces, making them useful again.

Lady' abstract mixed media; miabo enyadike

At any given time,we have bottles lying around our homes and we have cause to throw them away.

Roped in love;abstract mixed media; miabo enyadike

What if you don't throw them away,
or don't let them, become part of the refuse or garbage.

     Roped in love' abstract art; miabo enyadike

Some people will argue, that they clog or clutter and litter your space.

That they have become part of the reason, why our environment has become endangered.

                       Untitled; abstract mixed media; miabo enyadike.

Now, this does not sound attractive, so what can we do about them? or

what can we do with them?

How can used bottles, enhance our lives financially or otherwise?.

Heaven'; abstract mixed media; miabo enyadike

The reality is they can!. 

1.They could be turned into functional pieces like decor pieces, flower vases,accessories.

Bottles curated' miabo enyadike

They could be made over, into stylish aesthetic pieces, that add to collectables. 

      Unity in diversity(bottles);abstract mixed media; miabo enyadike.

 And maybe, the missing link to a fabulous living space.

2.A recycling business could be borne out of bottles, basically collecting empty bottles from eatries, homes, business premises for free or for a token fee. 

And reselling to businesses who need these bottles.

              'Summer'; mixed media abstract art;miabo enyadike. 

3.As an Artist,I run an art studio that incoporates bottles into it's design aesthetics.

It is different for me and truly rewarding, because the possibilities are endless.

            artmiabo gallery display; miabo enyadike 

All you need is your imagination, and how far you are prepared to stretch it.

Worn love';abstract mixed media; miabo enyadike'

4. For the party planners and decorators, old jam jars, mini plain bottles are so hot now. They can

       'Inspiration message carriers';miabo enyadike

 turn a space into something romantic and classic, yet sophisticated at the same time when used wisely.

 My work Studio.

So welcome to my amazing world, of unbroken bottles...... 

So, go out there and see what you can make or create, from your environment..... Enjoy! 

There would be future workshops, on working with your environment I'll keep you posted.

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