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Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Crocheting and Knitting materials are every where in Johannesburg as the winter season sets in.

Every craft store, departmental store even pharmaceuticals are stocking all sorts of wool or knitting kits.

I enjoy both crocheting and Knitting and at the moment I'm getting ready for Art exhibitions in the month of June and July respectively.

The only way to get my nerves down and relaxed is crocheting cotton ropes into my favorite gift item which is  the collapsible rope baskets.

 I crochet them as gifts I give as birthday presents, etc down the year.

 The best time for me to actually sit and concentrate on this rather strange hobby of mine, is when I am a bit at odds with my brushes, canvas and paint.

 It keeps me focused and renews my thought process by giving me a handle on my creative confusion!

I really don't make a lot because it gets a bit tiring and I go back to my Art again.

I use an acrylic pin, a large size(15) and thick cotton cords that are stocked in the craft stores.

 This time around I even went further and dyed the baskets with the same  Ink,  I use for my paintings and it all turned out fantastic.

The way I crochet the baskets, they are designed to be bags or purses that  transform into basket that serve as some sort of storage, that is a functional and a statement piece for the home. 

The use of these baskets are numerous and the reason I love using this type of rope to crochet them,is the sturdy texture it has with a soft feel.

Also the  washable nature of the cotton rope and the fact that it fits into any  decor style or trend.......Enjoy. 



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