Monday, 26 October 2015


What will I say about these words, they are words that describe events, put a human face on situations and keep us together or make us whole.

 We have heard them over and over again, that some of these words even sound corny.  They are words that make us wake up, in the morning and want to fulfill a purpose.

 Words that make us want to be better people, role models, that turn these seemingly corny words, into truth that stare people at their faces, making believers and dreamers of them, with the possibilities that lie ahead.

 These are really words, that make us feel good about ourselves, guide us when all is lost, lift us up to emotions unknown and comfort us in bad situations. 

They explain journeys, events, situations in one word........ These are words, that we can hear, see,feel and hold onto ourselves as we deem fit

the way it relates to us or someone else, they are words that transcends our humanity.....Enjoy


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