Tuesday, 13 January 2015


This is the summer season in Johannesburg and loads of sun and rain all at the same time, it is a little overwhelming. 

Most mornings, its already pretty hot and I  take long walks, on the street that is at the corner of my own street.

I enjoy that walk because of all the tall pine trees, and all I see is pine cones every where. I always tell myself, I will pick some next time and paint some fun summer colours.

Maybe use them as decor, in my patio but I always forgot to go with a bag. I remembered last friday, went with a bag and picked as much as I could carry, bearing in mind it was a long way back home.

 Anyway I got my pine cones, cleaned them up and painted them with a brush and acrylic paint.

I chose colours, that reflect the mixed weather we are in right now. And oh! its raining but the sun is up how amazing......ENJOY!

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